Does A Leaking Water Heater Need To Be Repaired or Replaced?

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Most property owners are aware that water leaks are caused by several reasons which can harm the property, furniture, appliances, other items, and also cause mold. Therefore, if they notice a water heater leak they will usually try to repair it right away. 

Many property owners would choose to repair if they see that their water heater tank is leaking since it will save them from spending. Although, in many cases, repairs are not really efficient to stop a leaking water heater. Instead, a water heater replacement would be required. There are different factors you should consider when deciding the right option to repair the leaking heater are discussed below.


When A Water Leak Requires Repairs


There are several cases wherein water heater leaks can be easily fixed, especially if the water heater is brand-new. In a few cases, the water heater parts especially the pipes may tend to loosen at the joints causing the water heater to leak. This can be easily repaired using plumbing tape to avoid water leakages. In other cases, the gasket can be loosened or damaged which results in water leakage. You can replace the gasket with a new one to not experience the leaks.


When A Water Leak Requires Replacement


Normally, the lifespan of a storage heater is ten years if it is well maintained. Thus, if the water heater begins to leak, and is more than one decade old, it is usually inexpensive for a replacement. There are also specific types of leakages for which a water heater replacement is usually suggested. For instance, if there is an issue with the heater tank, it has developed a crack or hole which results in leakage, and it is difficult to repair the hole. Therefore, it will be best to replace the water heater. In the event wherein the water heater tank or pipes attached might be dissolved due to which the color of the hot water changes. Since it is not possible to reverse the corrosion, it is best to have your water heater replaced. Buying a new water heater will have better design features, and will be more energy efficient.


Other Factors To Consider


In some cases, water may condense on the exterior of the storage tank, thus, water will leak on the floor. Condensation normally takes place when the water inside the tank is very cold, compared to the temperature in the room. To prevent this water heater issue, you need to ensure that the storage tank does not contain cold water, as there is no condensation for a tank filled with hot water.


The water heater is connected to pipes that supply water for the bathtub, faucet, shower. Owing to the high temperature and pressure, the water pipes can loosen at the point where they are joined to the water heater. In some instances, the water spray at the joint will be noticeable. Meanwhile, other cases of water leaks are less, and the area may become damp. To stop the leakages, the pipes should be tightened. If this does not work, the water should be drained, and secure with plumbing tape to avoid further leakage.


Usually, the heating element has a gasket to fix it in the installed water heater. The gasket can be damaged or loosened by reason of higher temperatures. To stop the leaking, you should have your gasket replaced. 

Pressure Relief Valve

The temperature pressure relief (TPR) valve only opens when the temperature, pressure in the heater tank exceeds the safety limit. If the valve opens frequently, there can be an issue with the settings, water tank, or valve. It is highly suggested to call a professional plumber to examine the valve and suggest water heater repair or replacement.



The property owner should replace the water heater immediately if the storage tank itself is leaking. The dissolved minerals in the water form deposits inside the water heater tank which dilates when it is being heated. This increases the pressure on the tank walls, and cracks are developed as well. 



Most property owners are wondering if they should need to repair or replace their water heater if it encounters difficulties. The answer to that is, it would depend on your water heater’s situation. A repair would be needed if there is a loosened pipe, and a possible solution for this problem is to use a plumbing pipe to stop the leakages. On the other hand, a replacement will be needed if your water heater is more than a decade old, and has developed cracks or holes. There are also instances wherein the pipes become corroded, thus you need to install a new water heater.

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