Do’s and Don’ts when Your Water Heater Is Leaking

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Having a leaking water heater is extremely inconvenient for the family, since they cannot use the installed water heater for heating when they are bathing. Additionally, there are some cases wherein the leaks can cause floods inside the house, damaging all furniture, appliances and other items. There are some smaller leaks, although it can also cause harm to your walls and floors. A professional plumber can fix the issue, depending on the cause of the water heater tank leak. In order to prevent further damage and address the problem of a leaking water heater, here are some of the do’s and don’ts that are described below.



Here are the following steps you should do when you notice a water leakage: 

Confirm Source Of Leak


Water may form a puddle or collect below the heater owing to several reasons such as condensation or heater leaking. In other cases, the water is accumulating due to condensation or spilled water. If there is an issue with regards to the heater or piping, the water will form a puddle again, thus further action is required. When the puddle water is spilled or condensed, the puddle will usually not form again, and no further action will be required. 

Disconnect Power Supply 


As we all know, water is a good conductor of electricity and leaking water can cause an electric shock. Therefore, once you spot a water leakage, immediately turn off the power supply. Normally, an electric water heater has its own separate circuit breaker, since it requires more power, and the circuit breaker can be switched off. For gas heaters, the gas supply should be disconnected using the valve. Turning the power off will prevent further heating of water, and also make it safer to check the installed water heater to diagnose the reason for the leakage.

Disconnect Water Supply 

If there is a flood in the room, immediately disconnect the water supply. This step will make it easier to find out where the leak is coming from. There are some cases where the water supply to the water heater model has a separate valve, and this valve should be closed. If the valve is missing, you should turn off the main water supply as well. The water supply may not be turned off if there is only a small amount of leaking. It is necessary to determine the exact location from where the water is leaking.

Locate and Diagnose The Leak 


It is highly suggested to closely examine the installed water heater to know where the leak is coming from. There are instances where the inlet or outlet pipe may be loose, and this can be fixed by tightening the pipe. While in some other cases, the temperature pressure relief valve may not be working which results in a water heater leak, and the only way to solve this is to replace the valve. Sometimes, the drain valve may have become loose and is not water-tight. For some older water heaters, the tank may have formed rust, cracks, or holes due to leaking.

Call A Plumber

If you have followed all the steps, although the water leakage persists, it is suggested to contact an experienced plumber. The water heater is a fairly complex home appliance with electrical and water connections, thus many families in Singapore do not have the experience and tools to repair the water heater issue. If an inexperienced person is trying to fix the heater, he may cause more harm, and increase the cost of repairs. If the water heater tank is damaged, the repair is not possible, instead, the family should buy a new water heater.



Any family member should not turn on the power source until the issue is solved. The water supply should not be restarted for bigger leaks until the cause of the leak is detected. Additionally, do not open the wall by yourself, as you have no idea how long the leak may have been going on, and it may create mold, which could be toxic to breathe.



A water heater leak is very bothersome, that is why if you detect even a small amount of leak, you should do a proper inspection. A small leak can be solved by plumbing tape. Although, for bigger leaks, it is advisable that you should contact a professional like Water Heater City Singapore. We will ensure to handle the water heater leak efficiently and we will also give you tips on water heater safety. It is ideal to put a stop to the leakages to prevent damaging your home or property.


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