Factors Affecting The Cost Of Instant Water Heater Installation

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Compared to other home appliances, installing a water heater is very time-consuming and expensive since water or electricity connections have to be made. Installing an instant water heater may be more difficult than a storage water heater. Therefore, the cost is also higher. Hence, more Singaporeans plan to install an instant heater in their home and would like to find out the factors affecting the instant water heater installation. They can plan their budget accordingly and choose the right instant water heater.

The instant heater installation cost varies according to the factors which are listed below.


Water Heater Size


Like most other home appliances, the cost of a water heater will depend on its capacity or size. A larger capacity water heater will be larger in dimensions, so the time and effort taken to install the water heater will be greater. A larger area will be required to install the water heater in the bathroom or other rooms. Since the unit will be heavier, more staff will be needed for installing larger units – increasing the overall cost. The buyer should be aware of the things to consider before buying a water heater – for example, the installation cost will also be relatively higher for larger units.



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In some cases, a family that wants to replace their water heater with a higher instant water heater capacity will require changes in the piping and electrical wiring required. In other cases, some may choose an instant water heater over a storage water heater, which will require some additions or modifications to the wiring and piping. Some families are replacing electrical water heaters with gas-type water heaters or vice versa, and this requires additional piping for the gas connection. Each addition or modification will add to the cost of installing the water heater – especially for upgrades.


Workmanship Guarantee 

The quality of workmanship and instant water heater installation will depend on the plumbing service provider selected. Some of the reputed and well-established plumbers and installers are confident of the quality of their installation work. They may also give a workmanship guarantee on the work which they do. One of the factors to note during water heater installation is that the plumbing service providers will usually charge more for the installation since their staff are well-trained and use better quality supplies.


Installation Complexity


The complexity of the water heater installation depends mainly on the instant water heater model selected and whether changes in wiring and piping are required. Some water heaters have additional features like a display and provision for adjusting temperature settings. The electrical wiring and piping may have to be modified or redone to be compatible with the new water heater as well as to avoid water heater leakage, adding to the complexity of the installation. Since more time and effort are required for complex installations, the cost is proportionately higher.


Like any other product installation, the time is taken, and the quality of the installation work depends to a large extent on how experienced, well-trained, and skilled the plumber doing the installation work is to prevent your water heater from having problems. If the staff sent is an experienced plumber and has done many similar instant water heater installations, they will charge more compared to an inexperienced plumber, who is more likely to make mistakes.



Taking note of the factors that affect instant water heater installation costs can help you assess your budget. If you are a family of four or ten, considering the water heater size is essential in meeting the demands of your household. Installing a significantly energy-efficient water heater is also a factor to consider, especially if you plan to lower your monthly electric consumption. Water Heater City Singapore provides water heater models across top-selling water heater brands in Singapore as well as providing water heater installation or replacement services.


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