Factors Affecting The Cost of Rheem Water Heater

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Many families in Singapore are interested in installing Rheem water heaters since it is a reputable brand, manufacturing high-quality water heaters for more than a century. One of the main factors which the water heater buyer will consider while choosing is the price. 

Much like other electrical appliances, Rheem manufactures a wide range of water heaters for the Singapore market which differ in their design, capacity or rating, and features. 

Some of the main factors which affect the price of Rheem water heaters are discussed below.


Type Of Water Heater


There are different designs of water heaters and their prices vary. The storage water heater is the most widely used because of the simple design and cheap price. The storage heaters have a tank where the heated water will be stored, and it will be released whenever required. 

However, many people are opting to use instant water heaters which are more energy-efficient, although are also costlier compared to tank-type water heaters. It has heating coils that heat up the water instantly.

In addition to that, water heaters are also classified based on the energy source used. Although electric water heaters are widely used, many homes and businesses are opting for gas water heaters and solar-powered water heaters since it has a lower cost. However, the cost of a gas water heater and a solar water heater will be far higher than the electric heater of the same capacity. In the case of a solar water heater, additional supplies like solar panels will be required, and the piping for the hot water will also be more.




Like most companies, Rheem water heaters have various features that cater to the different requirements of customers. 

Water heaters with more features are costlier. Some of the heaters have a digital display that indicates the water temperature and other parameters. Costlier heaters will use the condensing gas heat for heating, reducing electric consumption. Scale formation is a major problem for heaters, and if the components are used to prevent scale formation, it will add to the heater cost. 

Most of the better-quality components use brass valves instead of plastic valves, and glass tank lining. Typically, installed water heaters with a longer warranty of more than five years will cost more than heaters with a one-year warranty.


Energy Efficiency


The water heater energy efficiency refers to the amount of heat it produces for each unit of the power source which is either electricity or gas. Usually, the manufacturer will specify the energy efficiency of the water heater as part of the heater specifications. Water heaters that are more energy efficient will cost more since they have a better design and the heat loss is less.

Hence, tankless heaters are approximately 30% more efficient than storage water heaters but can cost more. Gas water heaters are usually also more efficient but it is also more expensive for the same capacity.  




The water heaters of larger capacity can produce more hot water and are larger in size. However, more material and high rating components are required for large-capacity water heaters. This increases the cost of materials and manufacturing the high-capacity water heater. It is also costly to transport a higher capacity heater since it is larger in size. The capacity of tankless heaters is defined in terms of the amount of hot water they produce, and if more hot water is required, the cost will also be higher.




Some of the factors which determine the water heater installation cost are:

  • Size of the water heater. Small heaters are easier to install. Large heaters will require more time, the effort for installation, and are more expensive.
  • Location of the water heater. It is easier and cheaper to install the water heater in an open area compared to cramped and closed areas. 
  • Type of water heater. If you are going to install a gas heater, additional piping is required for gas supply while electric heaters only require electric supply. 
  • If the heater capacity is changed, piping will have to be modified and installation is required. 



It is very convenient to have a water heater installed inside your bathrooms, especially if you install a Rheem water heater. This brand of water heater is very reliable and cost-efficient, but of course, aside from that, you will have to consider some factors if you are conscious about the expenses. Each type of water heater consists of various features that can affect its price. You can also check the water heater’s energy efficiency, capacity, and cost of installation. 

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