Factors That Can Affect Your Ariston’s Water Heater Performance

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Ariston is one of the top best-selling water heater brands in Singapore. Due to their sleek and compact design, they do not take up much space and are easy to install. They are also energy efficient, providing the most efficient way of supplying your house with hot water for various usage. However, there are several factors that can compromise the performance of the Ariston water heater.




Negligence is one of the mistakes often made by most water heaters owners unknowingly. Homeowners might forget to schedule regular maintenance for their water heater, just like with other household appliances. Failing to maintain your water heaters might lead to leaking, which causes extreme damage to the heater’s internal components.


Mineral Deposits

Do you know that minerals from your tap water can end up depositing in your Ariston water heaters? Common minerals found in hard water include magnesium and calcium, which can affect your water heaters’ performance. Indeed, this problem affects virtually all types of storage heaters if the necessary precautions are not taken into place. For instance, failing to clean the water heaters at least once per year can be a reason for accumulating these mineral deposits. You can overcome this water heater issue by having proper maintenance for your water heater.

Another common issue is sediment buildup which results from heating up hard water. The sediment accumulates at the bottom of the water heater, thus insulating it from the protection of the galvanized anode. This might also cause your Ariston water heater to leak. Periodic maintenance from a professional can help deal with sediment buildup before the situation worsens.


Internal Rusting


One of the most important aspects of regular maintenance of your water heater is to check if the sacrificial anode is in the right mode. Sacrificial nodes are designed to protect the internal components of your Ariston heaters from rusting. When your water heater starts to rust due to its worn out and old sacrificial anode, it may experience leaking. In such a case, this may be a sign that your water heater is faulty.


Water Pressure


If your Ariston water heater is underperforming, one of the reasons might be due to decreased water pressure. This may indicate that the installed system capacity to supply warm water to your house has significantly reduced. However, it can also mean that the main water line has exceptionally low pressure. If you are replacing your water heater due to low water pressure, here are some factors to consider when buying.


Improper Venting

Are you aware that an improper venting system can lead to the malfunctioning of water heaters, especially if they are not frequently used? It would help if you had either gas or electricity and a stable flame to heat water. This would not be possible without active air ventilation. If you require assistance in replacing your improper venting system, hiring a professional can help in installing your ventilation system.


Transient Current

Transient current can be a common occurrence, particularly in houses with improper grounding. Unwanted current or excessive currents from external sources can affect the electric water heater or the pipes. This may cause corrosion to happen over time. To prevent this, you can connect the ground wiring to the incoming and outgoing pipes of your water heater.  If you require assistance, seek consultation from a professional to help you decide the best option to solve your water heater problems.



Factors mentioned above might the reasons why your Ariston water heater is not performing to its usual standards. To ensure that your water heater is performing at its usual standards, regularly schedule a professional to conduct maintenance. If your water heater needs replacement, you can visit Water Heater City Singapore for their replacement services.


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