Factors that Can Affect Your Water Heater’s Energy Consumption

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A water heater will consume more energy since a huge amount of water has to be heated. The energy consumed by a water heater will depend on how it is installed, and water heater models such as Ariston, Joven, or Rheem. Many homeowners would like to minimize the energy consumed by the water heater to the possible extent. Few factors are affecting the energy consumption of an installed water heater. We are about to discuss them below in detail to let the water heater buyer make the right choice.


Energy Efficiency Rating


The design of your water heater can affect the energy efficiency of the heater. Each water heater’s energy efficiency is tested, and the rating is typically mentioned in the specification or user’s manual. Normally, older water heater models do not use advanced parts and technology, therefore their performance is usually lower. On the other hand, the latest water heater models have advanced efficiency. To sum it up, if your water heater’s energy efficiency is low due to higher energy consumption, expect to have a higher electricity bill. The user must consider buying a new water heater.



The water heater user can usually set the temperature to which the water should be heated when they have a new water heater installed. The amount of energy consumed will depend on the preset temperature. If the preset temperature is 70 degrees centigrade, the power consumption will be higher than the energy consumed if the preset temperature is 55 degrees centigrade. Therefore, the comfort level will depend on the family members. They should try to keep the preset temperature for the heater as low as possible.


Water Heater Size


The size of the water heater depends on the capacity of the heater, and the amount of water it will heat. Selecting a heater capacity should be based on the number of family members living in the household. Installing a 25 or 30L Ariston AN2RS storage water heater is enough for 1-3 persons. If a larger capacity heater is selected for a small family, more energy will be required to heat a larger volume of water, and some of the hot water may not be needed. Most water heater manufacturers normally have a chart indicating the right water heater capacity based on the family size.


Water Heater Age


A water heater should last approximately ten years, although it will change depending on the specific water heater brand, model, maintenance, and installation. Generally, a water heater is energy efficient when it is new, and after it has been used for more than eight years, the energy consumption will increase. The dissolved solids in the water heater will form deposits inside the heater, thus making the heater use more energy since the deposits are also being heated. Additionally, the heating element and other components of the heater may get rusted, reducing the efficiency. Therefore, it is highly recommended to replace your water heater after using it for 10 years.



Some water heater users may not be aware that certain factors affect their water heater’s energy consumption. It is important to know that a water heater will consume more energy if you are heating a huge amount of water, and this will lead you to pay higher electricity bills. To avoid this from happening, ensure to avoid the following: high energy consumption, high temperature, wrong water heater size, and opting to use an old water heater over a new water heater installation

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