Features To Have In a Brand-New Water Heater Before Purchasing In Singapore

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Considering the features of the instant water heater or storage water heater you are planning to buy is one of the vital steps that you should not miss. Below is the list of recommended features that our water heater brands have:  


Recommended Water Heater Features

Digital Display Angles: The majority of instant water heaters in the market include digital display panels like Ariston water heater. These models are considered highly convenient due to their feature wherein you can adjust the water pressure and temperature depending on your preference. Also, they are less prone to water heater issues which usually occurs with a storage water heater,

Glass Lined Tanks: Many homeowners face corrosion problems that can be considered as signs of a faulty water heater. Luckily, modern water heater tanks are crafted with glass sheets to prevent corrosion issues. They are also proven to be durable and can last longer. 

Brass Drain Valves: All water modules have a drain valve that was made of brass or plastic, may it be storage, instant, or multipoint water heater. The majority of the homeowners consider brass drain valves because they are more durable and have fewer chances of having water leaks or deterioration, which is also proven to last for a long time.

Anti-scale Systems: Modern models of instant water heaters include an anti-scale system. The scaling system helps in preventing scales by transforming mineral deposits into smaller sizes. The Anti-scaling feature of your installed water heater gives the advantage to not worry about water heater failure caused by mineral deposit accumulation.


Energy Efficiency: You can save money on plumbing as well as other expenses in your household when you buy an energy-efficient water heater. It is proven by our plumber that you can also lower your electricity consumption which is a good significance of installing energy efficient water heaters.  

High Storage Capacity: Installing a water heater with high storage capacity is one of the things to consider when buying a new water heater because high storage holding of your heater can maximize the hot water in your shower system. Thus, high storage capacity heaters can store as much water as possible.


Different Kinds of Water Heater Fuel Sources


There are different kinds of fuel sources that instant and storage water heaters use which are discussed below: 

Electricity: Most installed electric water heaters in Singapore use electric current to fuel them. This information is included in the electric water heater informative walkthrough guide booklet that is included in the package of your new water heater. The process begins when the current enters through the top part of the unit’s heating element then passes through the temperature cut-off switch until it reaches the thermostat and heats the water afterward.

Gas/Propane: There are available water heaters that a plumber can install like Rheem storage water heater, that uses gas or propane as fuel. The gas or propane is ignited by a pilot system, the burner and then the resulting air is used to set the water in a hot temperature. Contact a professional plumber so they can inform you that you should vent the fumes of the water heater’s gas  outdoors because they are harmful to inhale. On the latter, you should take note of this water heater issue and maintain them so that combustible materials are kept away to prevent plumbing emergencies that can occur in your installed water heater.

Outdoor Heat: With today’s technology, people in Singapore are choosing hybrid water heaters rather than storage water heaters or instant water heaters. Hybrid water heaters use outdoor air as fuel instead of gas or electricity. These hybrid water heaters are more expensive to maintain because they consume a lot of energy. However, there are still these top 3 best selling water heater in Singapore that you can choose from if hybrid water heaters are not your preference. That is why it is essential to get in touch with a plumber before installing this type of water heater.


Advanced Features Used In Modern Water Heaters

A modern version of instant, storage, and multipoint water heaters have advance updated features like the following:

Dry Fire Protection: This intelligent feature of your water heater ensures that the tank is filled before it heats the water. By this, your unit can prevent burning from happening when the tank is empty. With that being said, you will not worry about issues you might encounter with your storage water heater or instant water heater if you get in touch with Water Heater City because we prioritize water heater safety.


Energy Efficient Systems: Modern water heater brands such as Ariston water heater and Rheem water heater have an advanced feature that only heats the water when needed at a fast pace. Due to this, they are much more energy-efficient when it comes to power usage.


Smart TechnologyChoosing between instant water heaters vs storage water heaters in Singapore is easy because of the brands available in the market that include innovative technology. This intelligent technology sets the water heater to avoid excessive water pressure or scalding when using their installed water heater. 

Premium Electric Gas Valves: Most instant and storage water heaters have premium electric gas valves, which are very popular today because they enable homeowners to control water heater temperature easily. Upgrading your water heater like this can be very easy but it is also important to think carefully about whether you will replace or repair your water heater in case it is already damaged.

Built-in Wi-fi: A lot of instant and storage water heaters nowadays have a built-in Wi-Fi system. Since they are connected to Wi-Fi systems, they can be controlled remotely as well as disable when not in use. It can also send a signal when the water supply is low and helps in reducing power usage. However, there are still some situations that require self-checking if in case it becomes faulty, you can only do the checking alone if there is a problem like water heater leakage.


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There can be tough competition for water heater brands in Singapore, but only a few of them can pass your standards. It is ideal to first know the water heater brand that suits your budget or where you are going to install them. If you are looking for a trusted water heater specialist to install your water heater, do not hesitate to contact Water Heater City Singapore for an expert water heater installation and proper information dissemination regarding the water heater for your household may it be Champs, Rubine, or even Everhot.


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