Gas vs Electric Water Heaters – Which Water Heater to Install For Your Home

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Water heaters are used to heat water easily so it can be used in the bathroom and other places right away when needed. Most water heaters used to be electric, but now more and more people are choosing gas water heaters because they are sometimes cheaper. Since water heater installation takes time and costs money, some people want to compare gas and electric water heaters before making a choice. Hence, this article will talk about the different parts of gas and electric heaters, as well as water heater installation and points to note, to help the buyer make the right choice.

Cost of Water Heater 

The size and features of a water heater will have a big effect on how much it costs to install a Rheem storage heater in Singapore and other water heater brands. Some of the smallest, least expensive electric heaters can be bought for $100. The price goes up as the size of the heater increases. Instant and storage heaters with more space can cost $700 or more. Gas heaters cost more than electric heaters because they are more complicated and have more safety features. Most of the time, the cheapest models will cost at least $300, while the bigger ones could cost $1800 or more.

Heating Time 


The amount of time it takes for electric storage water heaters to heat up is directly related to how big they are. Small heaters take 5 minutes to heat up, while larger heaters take 20 minutes. The instant water heaters are made to start making hot water as soon as they are turned on. Gas heaters are similar to instant heaters, but some users have said that the length of the pipe makes it take longer to get hot water. In contrast, digital storage heaters take less time to heat up.

Energy Efficiency

Gas heaters like the Bennington multipoint water heater S630M are marketed as being more energy efficient. However, users should know that the water temperature from a gas heater is usually much lower than the water temperature from a storage water heater. When the cost of heating is compared per degree of temperature rise, there is not much of a difference. Also, the town gas used for heating in Singapore is more expensive than natural gas used in other places, so there is not much difference in how well energy is used right now. In addition, users should know the significance of installing energy efficient water heaters so they can save money in the long run.


The water heater safety with Water Heater City starts with precaution and reliability of a product and brands. Electric heaters have been around for a long time and are extremely safe to use. All electric heaters have built-in safety features to prevent overheating, pressure buildup, and water leakage. In the event of a problem, the power is immediately cut off. Gas heaters, on the other hand, necessitate far more safety precautions because gas leaks are extremely dangerous. Petrol is extremely toxic and can also start fires. It is extremely difficult and costly to extinguish the fire and stop the leakage. As a result, high-quality and long-lasting pipes are required for gas heaters. More safety features are also incorporated which raises the cost of gas heaters significantly. When compared to natural gas heaters used elsewhere, town gas heaters in Singapore have fewer safety features.

Consistency of Water Temperature and Pressure

Many people ask why their instant water heater’s temperature is not consistent. Because gas heaters are instant heaters, there may be some little change in water temperature. In addition, the water pressure for gas heaters will vary based on the inlet water pressure. For condos, it may be half the inlet pressure or 30% lower. To address this issue, some businesses’ newest versions employ sensors for improved consistency. Storage electric heaters are significantly more stable in terms of pressure and temperature than gas heaters since the water is heated for an extended period of time in the tank. 

Water Consumption 


Water heater size, age, and temperature are the factors that can affect your water heater’s energy consumption. Gas heaters can be put in kitchens or service yards for safety and other reasons. Pipes connect the gas heaters to the plumbing. So, some cold water has to be taken out and wasted for about 30 seconds until the hot water gets to the taps. On the other hand, an electric heater can be put close to the shower or sink, so it wastes much less water than a gas heater.



Singapore’s water quality is better compared to other places which make less maintenance needed for the water heaters. Every six months, the gas heaters should be checked for safety and for leaks. Every three months, safety checks can be done to keep the electric heaters in good shape. Water heater maintenance will make the water heater last longer and it identifies the problem with your water heater.

Water Heater Location


In the bathroom, both electric storage water heater installation and instant water heater installation, with storage heaters mounted near the ceiling and instant heaters located near the shower or faucet. Due to additional requirements, gas heaters are typically placed in the service yard or kitchen.


Ease of Installation 

Storage electric heaters are big, so they need more space to be set up. Gas heaters are instant heaters, so they are smaller and are usually put outside near where the gas line comes in. In addition, one of the important facts you should know about instant water heater installation is that they require less operating costs which is a more convenient choice if you are on a budget. 

Which One Is For You?

In Singapore, the cost and energy efficiency of electric and gas heaters are nearly identical. Furthermore, electric heaters such as Rheem RTLE-33M and Ariston SMC33 are safer to use, more constant, and do not pose a risk of gas leakage. They are also ideal for people who only need a little amount of hot water and are less expensive. However, because storage heaters are larger in size, gas heaters may be used in smaller homes. 

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The article discusses the pros and cons of gas and electric water heaters. While gas heaters are marketed as being more energy-efficient and may be cheaper to run in some places, they require more safety precautions due to the risk of gas leakage. Electric heaters are more stable, consistent, and safer to use. Both types of heaters have different heating times, installation requirements, and maintenance needs. The cost and energy efficiency of gas and electric heaters are nearly identical in Singapore, so buyers must consider their specific needs to make the right choice. 

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