Guide To Rubine Storage Water Heater Installation Cost

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Many people in Singapore prefer to bathe and clean using hot water as it is more helpful in eliminating dirt. This is the reason why homeowners opt to install Rubine water heaters since they are reliable and affordable. That said, you should consider the installation costs of a Rubine storage water heater before buying one.


Rubine Water Heater Installation Cost Factors 

A point to note on water heater installation is that it is a complicated task as it involves both plumbing and electrical tasks. These tasks should be properly executed to prevent the development of water heater issues. It is highly recommended to engage with a water heater professional to install your Rubine storage water heater as they are skilled and knowledgeable. 

Factors Affecting The Cost Of A Rubine Water Heater Installation:

What you should know about storage water heater installation is the cost will depend on the model you have chosen. Storage water heaters tend to be more expensive than instant water heaters. Higher capacity models are also more costly than their lower capacity counterparts. 

Cost of Plumbing Labour

Part of the expenses incurred during the installation of a Rubine water heater includes the cost of plumbing labour. The plumber’s charges depend on his experience, number of personnel involved, as well as the amount of time required. The plumber usually charges a higher rate for the first hour as it involves the travel cost. However, the rate will lessen for the next hour. It is also important to know what to look out for when choosing a water heater installer to ensure that your Rubine water heater is installed correctly. 

Supplies Used


Another thing to note during a water heater installation is that there may be other supplies needed. These supplies are (e.g. electric cables for wiring, pipes, elbows, cable ties, screws, and etc.) used by the water heater professional when doing the Rubine water heater installation. They use these supplies to prevent further water heater malfunctions. 

Installation/Replacement of Rubine Storage Water Heaters in HDB’s

It is important to ask the professional for the pipe replacement costs before taking any actions. This is because some water heater models require a different pipe configuration and specs. These factors are: new water heater installation wherein you can only install or replace the same size of pipe or if the water heater is replaced by a bigger capacity, then the piping must be replaced as well. 


Installation/Replacement of Rubine Storage Water Heaters Above False Ceiling 


What you should know about storage water heaters is that it costs more to conceal a storage water heater above the ceiling since it will be based on several factors (e.g., amount of space needed, the size of the heater). 

As such, when installing low capacity Rubine storage water heaters which are concealed above a false ceiling, an access panel (300 mm X 300 mm) is needed. Hence, it is advisable to ask a water heater professional for the pricing as it changes for a simple installation or replacement rather than replacing any piping.

On the other hand, for bathrooms with bathtubs, water heaters with a larger capacity is used (80 litres or more). However, one of the cons of storage water heaters that have a larger size is that the installation or replacement process above a false ceiling is more complex. For properties with limited space, a site visit/inspection will be done first, and this will incur additional costs. 

Allowance For The Equipment


A reason to hire a professional to install your water heater is that they have the right tools needed to facilitate the Rubine storage water heater installation. The acquisition, transportation, and usage of the equipment is factored in the Rubine water heater installation cost. 

Disposal of Debris

The water heater installation process may cause the accumulation of debris. In certain scenarios, the disposal of the debris can be included as part of the installation costs



One of the things to consider when buying a new storage heater is the installation cost. You have to take note that you are not only paying for the model you have chosen. There are also other expenses such as labor, supplies, equipment, debris disposal, and if you are going to install them above false ceiling. If you are currently looking for a new storage water heater, consider installing a Rubine storage water heater. One of the pros of buying Rubine Water Heaters is that they are highly energy-efficient. 

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