How Can Installing A Joven Water Heater Prevent The Common Water Heater Issues?

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Owning a high quality storage water heater or instant water heater can greatly enhance your showering experience and provide you with much convenience. That said, there’s always the possibility of them developing issues like odd noises and not being able to heat water properly. 

It is important to understand what the common water heater issues are and how they occur to avoid any damage and accidents in the future. You can then consider installing a Joven water heater due to its many benefits.

Here are the problems with water heaters in Singapore:

Common Water Heater Problems

In Singapore, there are two main types of water heaters namely instant water heaters and storage water heaters. This section mainly discusses the common problems that occur with instant water heaters and how installing a storage water heater can resolve them:

Lack of Hot Water


A thing you didn’t know about water heaters is it’s normal for hot water not to immediately come out of the tap after it is turned on. In fact, you should be more concerned when the water heater does not provide any hot water at all. This can happen for many reasons. 

One reason for a lack of hot water is there might be electric resistance. It may also be that the water heater is defective, in which case you should look out for the signs of a faulty water heater. Normally, this would entail a water heater replacement.

Not having enough hot water may also be the result of a defective heating element. This is a reason why a durable heating element is one of the top features to have in a brand new water heater. Your heater may also be overheating and reducing water temperature as a result to prevent scalding.

You can install a storage water heater to ensure a steady supply of hot water. Many of the storage water heaters from the top 3 best-selling water heater brands contain a high-quality heating element that works to continuously provide hot water.   

Extremely Hot Water


Another common water heater problem is that the water is too hot. This could be caused by the temperature being set too high. In severe conditions, the piping hot water can induce scalds or burns during use. In that case, consider it a reason to lower your water heater’s temperature. This could be caused by a defective thermostat and/or an incorrectly placed or defective pressure valve. Such issues would require you to seek assistance from a professional.

Replacing your instant water heater with a storage heater can help to prevent scalding caused by extremely hot water. This is because it usually contains a quad safety system and thermostat with thermal cut-off. Such features disable the flow of current when the water temperature is close to exceeding normal levels thereby lowering the risk of scalding.

Water Heater Leak

Different types of water heater leaks may result from too much pressure, improper plumbing, corrosion, or even overheating. 

Potential solutions for these problems include lowering the pressure, making sure the valve is properly adjusted, adjusting the thermostat, or having an instant water heater replacement done. You can also check if there is too much pressure within the pipes or if the pipes themselves are loose. 

Should you face difficulty doing any of these, contact a professional for assistance. They can help check for signs you need a new water heater installed. If such signs are present, you can opt to replace your instant water heater with a storage water heater. This is built with a stainless-steel tank that is highly corrosion resistant and can prevent leaks. Furthermore, there is a pressure relief valve that ensures the water heater doesn’t burst and start leaking.

Odd Noises

Hearing an odd noise from an instant water heater may be because of sediment accumulation on the heating element as a result of rusting. If changing the element is not possible, this may be a time when you should replace your water heater. The water heater can also start to produce odd noises due to mere pipe movement. 

Ignoring these noises is a common water heater mistake you should avoid. Thus, it is best to have it resolved by a professional plumber as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can avoid odd water heater noises when you install a storage water heater. Its high-quality heating element will prevent sediment accumulation which can cause the heater to produce unusual sounds.  

Rusty Water


If the water coming from your shower tap looks browner than usual, it may be a sign that your water heater or its anode rod has started rusting. This should be a reason to replace your instant water heater before it fails

When choosing a replacement, it is highly recommended that you go for a storage water heater. Most models are built with a stainless steel tank to prevent corrosion from occurring. Installing one therefore will guarantee you rust-free water for your bathing needs.

Why Should You Opt For A Joven Water Heater?

If you want to avoid the common problems that occur with both instant heaters or even storage water heaters, it is highly recommended that you opt for a Joven storage water heater installation

A Joven model such as the Joven JSH 35 Storage Water Heater has highly durable parts such as an Incoloy heating element that will protect against sediment accumulation and leaking as well as ensure a steady supply of hot water.  It also has a quad safety system and thermostat with thermal cut-off that can prevent scalding while its stainless steel tank will ensure you don’t experience corrosion and rusty water. 


Just as there are issues you can encounter with storage water heaters, you can face many problems with instant heaters as well. These include a lack of hot water, extremely hot water, odd noises, leaks, and rusty water. Since these problems can be highly troublesome to deal with, you may want to consider having a Joven water heater installed to prevent them from occurring. 

A Joven water heater consists of features such as an Incoloy heating element, quad safety system, thermostat with thermal cut-off, and stainless steel tank. By installing it in your home therefore, you can decrease the chances of common water heater issues occurring. It is recommended to call Water Heater City to install your Joven water heater as we have a team of professionals who are highly trained and skilled in rendering quality water heater services.

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