How Can Installing A Rubine Storage Water Heater Prevent Your Circuit Breaker From Tripping?

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The capacity of the storage water heater determines how much power it consumes. That said, water heaters typically consume more power than other home appliances. A storage water heater usually has its own electrical circuit and circuit breaker. This stops the electrical supply if the current goes beyond the safety limit.

When this happens, the circuit breaker must be switched back on to resume power to the water heater. But this does not actually solve the problem, so the circuit breaker will continue to trip.

We will be discussing the reasons why your water heater trips your circuit breaker, and why you should replace it with a Rubine water heater.

Excellent Heating Element


In case you are still using your old water heater or if the water is not heating, then the heating element is burnt or damaged. The resistance of the poor heating element will reduce and the circuit breaker will trip. Thus, this is a factor that can affect your water heater’s energy consumption. To see if the heating element is defective, use a multimeter for the resistance. The resistance will depend on the heating element’s rating. In case there is a charge, then it is damaged.

If you want a high quality heating element, consider installing a Rubine MT-15B Matrix storage water heater. It has a sapphire heating element which highly resistant to corrosion and pressure, and there is a 5 year warranty for new installations.

Thermostat Is Reliable

There should be at least one thermostat connected to the power supply when adjusting the water temperature in the storage water heater. Once the temperature goes beyond the preset temperature, the thermostat will stop the power supply to the heating element. This is a precautionary measure to ensure water heater safety. In the of case a defective thermostat, the water heater will continue to heat, which makes the circuit breaker trip.

Do take note that a defective thermostat is one of the causes of water heater failure. Therefore, it is advisable to replace it with a Rubine water heater. Their storage water heater features an independent thermo cut-out, which protects the water heater from overheating.

Water Leaks Will Less Be Likely


One of the reasons behind a leaking water heater is due to loose components or the formation of cracks on the storage water heater.

Remember that water is a good conductor of electricity, and because of that it can trip your circuit breaker. Thus, the thing to do when your water heater is leaking is to cut off the power supply.

The possible risks of a leaking water heater often lead to undesirable outcomes. That is why you should invest in a Rubine storage water heater. Their single-welded tank design is touted to help reduce more than 67% of water leakage risks.

Ensure To Inspect Breaker And Wiring

In some cases, the circuit breaker trips due to a defective part. The tripping will not stop even though the current is not more than the specified limit. The wiring that connects the breaker to the water heater may be damaged owing to several factors (e.g. heating, pests like mice, cockroaches). Exposed wiring can easily result in a short circuit. That is why as part of the water heater maintenance process, it is important to regularly inspect the circuit breaker and wiring.

Engage A Qualified Electrician To Solve Faulty Breaker or Wiring

An inexperienced person should not troubleshoot problems related to the circuit breaker and water heater. Therefore, you should hire the services of a water heater professional as they will replace your current water heater with a Rubine storage water heater (e.g. Rubine MT-30B Matrix storage water heater). The professional is highly qualified to do any water heater related task since they use the right tools and knowledge to complete the job.


What you should know about storage water heaters is that they can trip your circuit breaker if there is a defective part or if your water heater is malfunctioning. Moreover, a water heater tripping your circuit breaker is something that should be addressed right away. In severe cases, replacing your current water heater is the only solution to this problem. Invest in Rubine water heaters as they are reliable, high-quality, and energy efficient. With the help of our professionals from Water Heater City, they can help you choose which Rubine storage water heater will suit your home. They can even do a seamless installation for you whenever you please.

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