How Does A Joven Water Heater Prevent A Hissing Water Heater Issue?

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Many instant and storage water heaters in the market provide many advantages like a quiet and steady supply of hot water. However, some models can emit a hissing sound during usage. Fortunately, a Joven water heater has numerous features that can ensure this issue doesn’t take place. By installing it in your home, you will not have to worry about hissing noises any further. 

The following are possible causes of a hissing water heater and how a Joven water heater can prevent it from occurring:


High Water Temperature

Hissing from a water heater while in usage may just be the result of its safety mechanism being activated. Water heaters generally contain a pressure relief valve that hisses when releasing excess pressure due to high water temperature. In this case, the noises are just a reason to lower the water heater’s temperature. If the thermostat has become defective however, it will be necessary to engage a professional to assess if a water heater replacement is needed. 

When looking for a new water heater to install, you can consider a model like the Joven JSV 35 Storage Water Heater. This has a thermostat with thermal cut-off that immediately cuts off power when the water temperature exceeds normal levels. As such, you won’t have to struggle with hissing noises due to excess pressure. 


Defective Pressure Relief Valve

As mentioned, a water heater’s pressure relief valve is meant to keep water temperature at optimal levels by releasing excess pressure. In the process, it tends to make a hissing noise which is perfectly normal. However, if this noise persists for an unusually long time or does not stop at all, the valve may be stuck. This is often the result of corrosion, a major cause of water heater failure

Look for a Joven water heater if you want to prevent rusting. One of the benefits of purchasing a Joven water heater is it has a stainless steel tank that protects against corrosion which can affect the pressure relief valve and cause endless hissing. 




What you should know about storage water heaters is they can also produce hissing noises when condensed water makes contact with its surface. When this heater runs out of hot water after being used extensively, the tank fills with cold water. This can cool certain parts of the tank thereby causing condensation to form. The condensation then rolls down the heater and comes into contact with the hot bottom portion. Rapid evaporation then occurs, causing a hissing sound to be emitted. 

If you’re looking to reduce hissing noises from your water heater because of condensation, opt for a Joven JSH 35 Storage Water Heater. As it is made with Polyurethane insulation foam, your water heater has a lower chance of experiencing rapid heating and cooling. This in turn will prevent frequent condensation that can lead to constant hissing noises.  


Water Heater Leaking

A water heater can also emit a hissing noise if it springs a leak. Unlike condensation however, a leak is a major issue that is often much more visible. If the heater has been in use for many years, it can experience corrosion which affects the tank’s inner lining and causes it to leak. For this type of water heater leak, a Joven water heater installation is highly recommended. 

A Joven water heater is built with a stainless-steel tank that protects against rapid corrosion. It is less susceptible to deterioration, which would otherwise bring about leaks. You will therefore not have to worry about the risks of a leaking water heater once you install this heater.


When a water heater appears to produce hissing noises, it may be because of a defective thermostat causing the water temperature to be unusually high. The pressure relief valve could have also sustained damage due to rusting. Other causes include common water heater problems like condensation and leaks resulting from tank deterioration. 

If you are looking for a water heater that can prevent hissing noises from developing, consider installing a Joven storage water heater. It has features that can prevent hissing noises such as a thermostat with thermal cut-off, stainless steel tank, high quality Incoloy heating element, and high density polyurethane insulation foam. With these, you will not have to worry about any hissing noises for a long time. 

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