How Does Buying A 707 Instant Water Heater Save You Money?

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Most homeowners in Singapore prefer to install energy-efficient water heaters in their households. Having a water heater allows you to enjoy hot showers anytime. Both instant water heaters and storage water heaters are electrically powered, and that’s why you need the most energy-saving unit at your home. Otherwise, you will end up paying higher electricity bills. Here are the reasons why 707 instant water heaters can help you save money. 

It Only Heats Water When Needed

An instant water heater is also known as the “On-demand system” which is designed to provide hot water only if needed. This is a good thing to consider when you are buying a new water heater. Having this installed will be easier for you to access hot water while saving on the factor of affecting your water heater’s energy consumption. Meanwhile, a storage water heater functions by keeping the pre-heated water at a specific temperature. It means that the heater keeps on running while storing the hot water even when you do not need it at the moment. This will increase your electricity bills. 

It Produces Less Energy and Emissions


An important fact you should know about instant water heater installation is that it is designed to save more of your storage space. It also produces fewer emissions and energy based on its function and form. These are the main areas you will find advanced efficiency in instant water heaters.

Save on Space


Instead of installing a storage water heater tank that measures about 6 feet in height. Installing an instant water heater run from wall-mounted units. This consumes less space, and more advanced units can operate under the water sink.

Energy Efficiency

Compared to a storage tank system, the instant heaters only consume power when you open the hot water tap. This means that the cost of heating water and storing it in a large tank is cut off.

One significance of installing energy-efficient water heaters is the reduced cost of heating water. Instant water heaters only consume power when you open the hot water tap.


A good reason to opt for an instant water heater installation is that you can reduce greenhouse emissions. This is what makes tankless water heaters an excellent greener alternative.

It Does Not Need To Be Replaced Frequently

A thing you should know about storage water heaters is that their lifespan is only about 15 years. Then you will have to replace it which can be an expensive task. Fortunately, a tankless water heating unit can last for over 20 years. It will help you save money from replacing frequently. Apart from that, it is easier to fix a tankless system in case of minor water heater issues.

It Has Lower Upfront Costs


In the past, instant water heaters had a very high upfront cost such that the return on investment was so high to recover in the future. Today, the factor affecting the cost of instant water heater installation is advanced technology. With this, the prices had significantly dropped a few years ago.  This is the reason why instant water heaters are popular in Singapore.


You may be thinking about whether to choose an instant water heater or storage water heater for your household. A good choice would be choosing an instant water heater from 707 as it can help you save money. Additionally, it allows you to enjoy an on-demand hot water supply. This water heater is also good for reducing greenhouse emissions from your household devices. There are even benefits if you buy a 707 instant water heater from a reputable installer like Water Heater City Singapore. Our professionals can efficiently carry out the 707 instant water heater installation or replacement. 

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