How Long Does Water Heater Installation Take?

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In Singapore, a water heater is installed in almost all homes to make it easier for family members to access the hot water they need. Homeowners in Singapore must arrange for water heater installation after buying the water heater that best fits their requirements. Installing a water heater is more difficult than installing other home appliances since it requires making connections for electricity and plumbing. These are some of the aspects that will determine how long installation will take, so water heater buyers like you can plan accordingly. 

Factors That Affect Water Heater Installation Time 

The following section discusses some of the primary variables affecting how long it takes to install a water heater.

A New Water Heater Installation or Replacement 

The installation process is also one of the things you should consider when buying a new water heater. In most cases, replacing an instant water heater will take less time, especially if the new water heater is the same size and has identical plumbing connections. It will take about an hour to remove the old water heater, unhook the plumbing, electrical, and water lines, and drain the water. However, it is typically easier because all of the connections are open. 

On the other hand, the instant or storage water heater installation process will take a little longer if a new heater type is being fitted. In contrast, installing a new heater may involve changes to the electrical wiring, plumbing, and piping, which may add time to the installation.

Water Heater Type


Water heaters come in at least 5 different varieties, and installation times will vary. Instant water heaters are generally easier to install as compared to storage water heaters. Gas-powered heaters are installed in some homes since they are more affordable to use as a heating source. These gas tankless and tank type heaters take longer to install since additional gas pipe is needed. Heaters that are powered by solar panels or heat pumps will require the longest installation time because installing solar panels or heat pumps is labor-intensive. You may check out our water heater products and brands to know more about the different types of water heaters commonly available in the market. 

Location of Water Heater


Location is one important thing to note during a water heater installation. The time required for installation may also depend on where the property owner wants to put the water heater. Water heater installation will typically go more quickly if there is ample room in the bathroom for it and if it is a convenient location. The piping may need to be modified if the plumber is asked to install the water heater in a confined space that is difficult to access. This results in a longer installation time. 

Essentially, installation can be more complex if the location where the water heater will be installed is small. In turn, installation complexity is also one of the factors affecting the cost of instant water installation. To address this, engage a skilled plumber to assist you in identifying the ideal location for your installation. Not only can this lessen the installation cost, it can also lessen the installation time. 

Energy Source 


While every water heater needs a plumbing connection to get water, the energy source varies. It usually takes less time to complete the electrical wiring for the electric water heaters, like Ariston and Joven because the wiring may be simply routed. In contrast, because the gas pipes for a gas-powered water heater are greater in size, installing them takes more time. Likewise, it will take much longer to install the solar panel or heat pump and connect them to the water heater. 

Only plumbers that are skilled and experienced would have the competency to do proper and safe wiring and plumbing connections for your water heaters. Hence, it is something you should look out for when choosing a water heater installer

Time Required for Water Heater Installation

Typically, it takes one to four hours to install an instant electric heater. On the other hand, more time may be required for complicated installations of instant water heaters when there is not enough space. Larger capacity heaters often don’t require longer installation time than smaller ones. Since gas piping and fittings must be installed in addition to water supply plumbing, installing a gas-powered heater can take anywhere from two to eight hours. In the event that the water heater is being replaced with a new one, it also takes some time to remove the old one. Professional water heater service providers can swiftly do an effective job so make sure to hire a reputable plumber. 

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Depending on the aforementioned factors, installing a water heater takes a varying amount of time. Replacing a storage water heater may take less time than installing an instant water heater system. A plumber should be able to install a new water heater in a few hours; however, it could take more time if there are complications. A qualified plumber will be able to do the task quickly and effectively and will accommodate your schedule. This is an important reason why you should hire a professional to install your storage heater

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