How Long Should My Joven Water Heater Last?

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The Joven water heater is one of Singapore’s most popular water heaters due to its better quality and features. Selecting the suitable model of Joven water heater to install is expensive and time-consuming. That is why most families planning to purchase a water heater would like to know how long it would last. This will help them decide how much they can afford to spend on the water heater. Most families are willing to spend given that the water heater will last for a longer period.

The considerations which decide the lifespan of the Joven water heater are described in detail below.

One of the factors affecting the water heater’s lifespan is the type and design of the water heater. Most of the popular models of Joven water heaters that people choose from are instant water heaters.


The instant water heater is switched on for a shorter period. The water will only be heated when required and is less likely to get rusted. Hence, the installed instant water heater will usually last for a more extended period, approximately twenty years. In contrast, a storage water heater is always filled with water, usually at a higher temperature. Hence, the possibility of corrosion due to hot water of one or more components is heightened. The tank can also get rusted and develop water heater leaks. The lifespan of a storage water heater is usually less, typically ten years, though the actual life depends on multiple factors.


What Affects Lifespan Of Your Joven Water Heater


One of the factors affecting the lifespan of a storage water heater is the quality of the water which is heated. In some cases, the water has a higher percentage of dissolved solids, forming deposits inside the water heater and causing water heater problems. This sediment reduces the amount of water heated and the energy efficiency of the water heater – as the energy is wasted to heat the sediment inside the heater. Suppose the homeowner does regular maintenance of the water heater to remove the sediment periodically. In that case, the energy efficiency of the water will improve. However, if the sediment is not removed, it will increase the load on the heating element which usually reduces the water heater’s lifespan.

The water pressure at the water heater inlet should be below the safety limit of the water heater. High pressure can reduce the life of the tank, it may develop leaks or cracks that will call for a water heater repair or replacement since more force is applied to it.

It is also essential to choose the right size of the instant water heater or storage water heater – based on the family size and if they consume water aggressively. If the water heater is switched on for many hours daily, it can become faulty and can become a reason why your Joven water heater is not heating.


Lifespan of Your Joven Water Heater


Usually, there is a warranty for Joven water heater products. For example, Joven Storage Water Heater 35L has a 10-year leak proof warranty – indicating that you can seek repairs or replacement from the manufacturer if there are any problems within the warranty period.


The lifespan of your Joven water heater installed will depend on several factors that you need to note to ensure that it can last longer. The type of water heater you install plays a huge role in the life expectancy of your water heater unit. Instant water heaters are not ideal for big families or commercial use since the storage water heater is used for a setup like this. There are also factors like the water quality that passes through the water heater and sediment build-up on these pipelines, which can lead to an expensive repair due to water heater leakage. At Water Heater City, we can provide you with some of the best Joven water heaters to install to avoid facing such water heater issues such as water heater leakage.


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