How Much Does Ariston Water Heater Installation Cost?

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All products including Ariston storage water heaters have a useful lifespan. You may choose to replace your water heater once it experiences water heater issues. It is possible to estimate the cost of installing a new storage water heater. There are several factors that contribute to the overall cost of installing or replacing a storage water heater.


The Location Of The Storage Water Heater

Installation of Storage Heaters In HDB Flats – Including Pipe Modification


A considerable percentage of storage water heaters installed in HBD houses are categorized as exposed installations, thus making them visible and easy to replace.  Prices to install a water heater may vary depending on various factors such as the job scope size and complexity of the installation. For example, if you are going to install a different water heater model from your previous one, it might incur extra costs as water pipes might need to be rerouted and have other minor modifications to be made. It is best to consult a water heater service to inquire about their water heater installation pricing to receive a better estimation of the cost. 

Replacing Storage Water Heaters Positioned Above False Ceilings


Storage water heaters are usually installed directly above the false ceilings in private properties like landed houses, condominiums, commercial buildings, and apartments. If you are interested to know the size and the brand of your storage heater, you need to identify the access panel located in your bathroom. Once you open the access panel, you will see the installed storage heater brand. Generally, accessing a storage heater located directly above the false ceiling is quite challenging, increasing the overall installment cost. 

The size of the heater determines if the current access panel needs to be enlarged or not. Most homes have a smaller heater capacity ranging from 15-30 liters (e.g., Ariston Andris2 15 Lux) which means that it is not a must to enlarge the access panel. It is best, however, to consult a professional to provide a more accurate estimation for such services. 

Installation of Big Capacity Storage Heaters Above False Ceiling

If you are replacing the existing water heater with a large model (such as the Ariston Pro R Slim 100L Storage Heater), enlarging the standard access panel and pipe modifications may be required. In some cases, some heaters are situated in a highly confined space such above the shower screen. This may lead to having other modification works being done (e.g., removing the shower screen) which can further increase the installation cost.


Other Additional Considerations 


There are other direct or indirect costing factors to consider when you are creating your heater replacement budget. The labor cost can vary depending on the type and size of the Ariston water heater to be installed and the installation location. Other costs may include the warranty coverage, the cost of removing and disposing of the current water heater system, type of water heater, and others. 

Warranty Coverage

Ariston instant and storage water heaters include a warranty covering an average of one to five years depending on the model. Replacing your storage water heater may mean extending the warranty coverage, which comes at an extra cost.

The Cost Of Removing And Disposing Of The Existing Water Heater

The cost of removing the current water heater in Singapore can vary depending on your contractor, the unit location, and the size of the water heater. You will incur extra costs if accessing your water heater is difficult. 

Water Heater Type

The type of water heater is one of the factors to consider before proceeding to purchase a water heater. There are various types of water heater available – such as:

    • Instant vs Storage water heater
    • Solar vs Electrical vs Gas powered systems

Installing the various types of water heaters might vary depending on the job scope and complexity of the installation. Do consult a professional to get the best estimate for the cost of installation. 



Not knowing the exact cost of installing a water heater might hinder you from purchasing one. You can roughly estimate the cost of installing a water heater in your home depending on the location and size of it. If the water heater has a big capacity and the process of installing it is difficult, you may incur a relatively higher cost as compared to installing a lower capacity water heater in an accessible location. To get a better estimation of the installation cost, it is best to consult with a water heater professional.


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