How Much Does It Cost to Install Champs Storage Water Heater in Singapore?

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Many homeowners in Singapore need adequate hot water for cleaning and bathing purposes. Fortunately, they have the option of buying a Champs Water Heater which is affordable, built with high-quality material, and employs modern technology. 

In order to be as prepared as possible when having a water heater installation for a storage water heater done, it is important to recognize the different factors that can affect the price. 

Factors Affecting Champs Water Heater Installation Cost

As is the case with other plumbing installations, the cost of installing a water heater varies based on many factors. By taking note of them, you can properly plan your budget to be able to afford a safe and reliable installation from professional water heater services. You can also better determine where to have your chosen Champs heater installed and its corresponding price. 

The following are different factors affecting the cost of a Champs water heater installation:  

Water Heater Price

One of the things to consider when buying a new water heater in Singapore is the cost of your Champs A15 Pro Storage Water Heater. Normally, instant water heaters cost less than storage heaters. Similarly, low-capacity heaters are priced lower than large-capacity heaters. 

Cost of Plumbing Labor


A factor to look out for when choosing a water heater installer is their reputation and amount of labor. This includes the experience of the plumbers, the number of workers required, and the time allotted to install the heater. One point to note about water heater installation is that the cost of installation includes factors such as labor, materials, and transport costs.   

Plumbing Supplies

Like other plumbing works, a storage water heater replacement entails the use of different supplies which contribute to the cost of the overall installation. Among them are screws, pipes, cable ties, electric cables, elbows, and many others. These are needed to ensure that the water heater is properly installed so that common water heater problems do not arise. 

Equipment Allowance

Just like an Ariston storage water heater installation, installing a Champs A15 or A30 Pro Water Heater entails the use of vital equipment such as drilling machines to mount the heater onto the wall. Normally, the plumber assigned to do the installation has already bought the equipment and will charge for the cost of transporting and using them. 

Disposal of Debris

One thing to note during a water heater installation is that there will be debris during the drilling process. The plumber will usually clean the entire area after doing the work and throw away the scattered debris. The disposal of debris will also be included in the cost of installation.

Install/Replace Champs Storage Water Heater Above False Ceiling or Inside Bathroom

One thing you should know about storage water heaters is that installing them in a bathroom is its location. Additionally, how much time and effort is needed to install a Champs Storage Heater in an HDB flat is subject to whether it will be installed in a closed/exposed manner above the false ceiling or in the bathroom. That said, it is still best to confer with your plumber on the cost of doing this. The reason for this is that the price can vary based on where the pipes need to be installed or replaced entirely. 

Installing Low Capacity Champs Storage Water Heater Above False Ceiling

Installing a water heater like the Champs A30 Pro in a concealed form above a false ceiling requires an access panel. This will also add to the overall water heater installation cost. Although this will again depend on whether or not any new pipes need to be installed. 



Deciding to install a Champs Storage Water Heater can give you additional comfort while showering. In order for you to properly plan your budget, however, there are a number of factors you should consider. Before deciding to install a Champs water heater, be sure to take note of the price of the heater and the cost of labor. Additionally, you should take into account the plumbing supplies and equipment to be used as well as the cost of disposing of the debris. By keeping these in mind, you can easily determine the best ways of preparing for a water heater replacement or installation.

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