How Much Does It Cost to Install Rheem Storage Heater in Singapore

Most people in Singapore use hot water to bathe and for cleaning since it is more effective in removing dirt. Homeowners prefer to purchase a Rheem water heater since it uses the latest technology, is of high quality, and is reasonably priced. In addition to the Rheem water heater price, the user should also consider the cost of installation of the storage water heater. Hence, the total Rheem water heater price in Singapore includes the price of the water heater unit, plumbers charges for installation, material costs. 


Water Heater Installation Cost Factors 


Compared to other plumbing works, water heater installation is a fairly complex task, since the plumbing and electrical wiring has to be done properly to avoid water heater issues that could happen. 

Hence it is advisable to hire the services of an experienced plumber to give you water heater safety tips. Also, there are different types of Rheem water heaters and the cost of installation will vary depending on the model selected. 


Some Of The Main Factors Affecting The Cost Of  Water Heater Installation Are:


Water heater cost: There are a lot of things to consider when buying a water heater like it costing depending on the model selected, usually instant water heaters are more expensive compared to storage heaters, and large capacity heaters will cost more than low capacity heaters. 

Plumbing labor cost:  A factor that needs to be considered on plumbing labor costs depends on the experience of the plumber, number of staff, and time required for installation. Typically the plumber will charge a higher rate for the first hour since it also includes the travel cost and the rate will be lower for the next hour. That is why you should also need to assess if you really need to replace your water heater.

Job supplies: There might be other supplies required for the water heater installation, like electric cables for wiring, pipes, elbows, cable ties, screws, and other hardware. These are usually procured by the plumber doing the installation work and strictly used for water heater installation to avoid common water heater problems that can occur, and add to the cost of the installation.

Equipment allowance: Rheem water heater installation requires different equipment like drilling machines for fixing the heater on the wall. The plumber doing the installation usually has purchased the equipment initially and the cost of using and transporting the equipment is usually included in the cost of installation cost.

Debris disposal: During the installation of the water heater, debris is generated due to hole drilling. The plumber will usually clean the area after the installation is complete and dispose of the debris generated. This debris cost is also included in the cost of installation. Installing a water heater can be very expensive. That is why you should know the things to consider when buying a Rheem water heater. 


Installation/Replacement of Storage Heaters in HDB 


The time and effort required for installing or replacing a storage heater in an HDB depend on whether the storage heater is exposed or concealed above a false ceiling. The process of replacing or installing the storage heater is fairly simple for a heater that is not concealed.  For a new installation where piping has to be only installed or replaced of the same size, the cost is approximately $100. In case the heater is replaced by a larger capacity heater, the piping has to be changed, and the cost is higher at S$150.


Installation/Replacement of Storage Heaters Above False Ceiling 

For installation of storage heaters of lower capacity which are concealed above a false ceiling, an access panel is required of size 300 mm X 300 mm, and this will add to the cost of installation. So for basic installation or replacement, the plumber will charge S$150 or more. If piping has to be replaced the cost will be slightly higher at S$200.


Installation/Replacement of Big Capacity Storage Heaters Above False Ceiling

High-capacity storage water heaters are used in bathrooms with a bathtub and have a capacity of 80 liters or more. The process of installation or replacement above a false ceiling is far more complicated since the heaters are larger in size. If it is possible to easily install/replace the large heater, the cost will be approximately S$400. In other cases, where there is limited space available, a site analysis will first be required. 



Installing a Rheem water heater for your household can provide the comfort that you are longing for. In the market, there are different types of Rheem storage water heaters that are proven to give the right amount of heat. However, it is important to remember the main factors affecting the cost of water because this can help you with your decision-making when buying a water heater. If you are opting to install a Rheem water heater it is better to get in contact with a water heater expert company like Water Heater City. At Water Heater City Singapore we provide the best water heater service as well as give you the right water heater model that will fit in your household.


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