How to Choose Multipoint Water Heater for Your Home

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Your present storage water heater or instant water heater might already be showing signs that suggest it is going to break down fully quite soon. It will be wise not to wait for it to stop working fully and rather engage in water heater replacement. If not, you will have to manage days without hot water and this can be troublesome. Most especially, if you like hot showers, and also prefer doing your laundry and dishes using hot water. 

Perhaps, you already know that multipoint water heaters are becoming more and more popular in Singapore. You may have also decided to get a multipoint water heater installation. However, the question is how do you select the right multipoint water heater for your home? We are going to share some tips below:

Identify Where You Most Need Hot Water in The Household


If you are seeing signs that your water heater is faulty, then you should consider getting a water heater replacement. When you think of purchasing a multipoint water heater, it is common knowledge that it can supply hot water to multiple points in your home. Just like inside your bathrooms, and even in your kitchen. A centralized location will be best but you can also get it installed close to that location where you need maximum hot water.

If all of this sounds confusing to you then you should find a water heater installer near you. You must also be aware of what to look out for when choosing a water heater installer to make sure that you are getting the top-notch quality of service and expertise. 

Know Your Budget

Multipoint water heaters are available in different sizes and they are priced accordingly. If you are also looking into the top 3 best-selling water heater brands in Singapore, you can notice that it is sold at different price points. It is not necessary for you to invest in the most expensive one. However, it will not be wise to opt for the cheapest.

What you can do is first decide on a budget, because there are many factors affecting the cost of a water heater installation. Next, understand your requirements. Consider where will you need hot water – in the laundry room, kitchen, and how many bathrooms? Once you have understood your usage, select a model that meets your requirements and is closest to your budget.

If you have to pay a little extra to get a nice model from a reputable brand then do not hesitate. A good multipoint water heater in Singapore will last you longer and thus prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.

Consider the Home’s Aesthetic


If you are aware of the pros and cons of storage heaters, then you must know that one of their cons is their size. Some multipoint water heaters can also be a little big like storage water heaters. However, some are compact. The big heaters do not look very attractive, particularly if you have a small bathroom. 

If your home’s aesthetic is important to you, then you have to give this a more serious thought. You should opt for a multipoint water heater with a capacity that fulfills your requirements and at the same time is not bulky. Some heaters can even be concealed and this is one of the benefits of buying a water heater from a reputable installer. We can offer you prices including the cost of a false ceiling to conceal your heaters. 

Capacity of The Water Heater


One of the things to consider when buying a new multipoint water heater is its capacity. The capacity basically is indicative of the tank size. Understanding how much hot water the household needs every day is also a must. Consider how many times each member of the household showers. If you will use hot water to do your dishes and laundry, you need to consider that as well.

Usually, a two-person household can do well with a 15-litre capacity unit, in case you both take just one shower every day. If you have a larger household then this may be the time to replace your existing water heater with a bigger unit. And, if you use a bathtub often then you must opt for an even bigger unit.


Water heater installations can be very tricky if you are not aware of how to choose the most suited for your household. Thorough deliberation may also lead you into purchasing a multipoint water heater because of your household’s needs.  However, if you choose the best in the market like the Bennington multipoint water heater S630M model, then you will not regret your decision. It is also recommended that you engage a professional water heater services to help install your Bennington water heater as they have the skills and experience.

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