How to Choose The Right Ariston Storage Water Heater Size

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Every household may require hot water for various activities such as bathing, washing dishes, washing clothes and other purposes. Many families are interested in purchasing an Ariston storage heater since it is compact and uses the latest technology. Ariston water heaters are available in various capacities to cater to the customers’ requirements. There are several factors which you can take into consideration when deciding the right Ariston water heater for your home.


Physical Size of Heater


The size of the water heater is an important factor to take into consideration as there is limited space in the bathroom. Ariston is one of the popular water heater brands in Singapore. They offer a range of water heater sizes from a capacity of 30L (e.g., Ariston Andris2 30 LUX) to a capacity of more than 50L (e.g., Ariston Pro RS J storage heater). The capacity of the heater is directly proportional to the size. The Ariston 30L storage heater is ideal for homes in Singapore – such as HDB flats and condominiums. It is advisable to measure the area available for the water heater installation before choosing a particular water heater model – detailed dimensions are provided for each Ariston water heater.


Household Size


The amount of hot water required will depend to a great extent on the number of family members in the household. If you have three or less family members in the house, you can consider buying a water heater with a lower capacity as less hot water will be required for bathing and other activities. For families with five or more members, especially those with small children, might opt to install a storage heater with a larger capacity. This will ensure that hot water is quickly available for bathing and other purposes. Family members do not have to wait till the water becomes hot.


Flow Rate and Temperature Rise


Families now prefer to purchase instant water heaters to reduce their heating bills. One of the differences between a storage water heater and an instant water heater is the tank. The storage heater has a tank to store water while instant water heaters are tankless, instantly heating up water when you need it. Instant water heaters are also defined in terms of flow rate and the amount of hot water they can produce per minute. In larger homes with multiple bathrooms, the larger instant water heater capacity might be required to meet the demands of the home. The preferred temperature of the hot water might vary across family members even though 65 degrees centigrade is preset temperature for some water heaters. If a higher temperature is required, the heater should have a better heating capacity.


Peak Hour Demand

You should also consider the peak hour demand in the house for Ariston water heater selection. This depends on the appliances and fixtures in the house. 50 liters of water are usually required for a bathtub in each bathroom, 25 liters for a shower, and less water for bathing using other methods. Hot water may also be required for washing clothes and utensils. It is, therefore, advisable to calculate the amount of water required in bathrooms and other areas during peak hours before finalizing the right size. 



Choosing the right Ariston storage water heater size may be easy if you have information about it. Factors such as the physical size of the heater, household size, flow rate and temperature rise, and peak hour demand can serve as a guideline for you to consider when selecting the size of water heaters to meet your needs. If you do not know which water heater size can cater to your needs, engage water heater services for a consultation.


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