How to Choose The Right Rheem Water Heater in Singapore

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Installed storage or instant water heaters are used in residential and commercial areas wherever large amounts of hot water are required. It is also used depending on the amount of hot water which is required, space available, the budget of the buyer, the right Rheem water heater should be purchased. Some of the factors which should be considered while choosing the right water heater are discussed below:


Type of Water Heaters


Singaporeans have the will to install a new Rheem water heater that suits their places from these different types of water heaters offered by Rheem water heater.

Storage Water Heater


This type of water heater uses the water stored in the water heater and heats it using an electric switch. Storage water heater requires more space, and may not be very efficient.

Tankless Water Heater

This type of water heater heats the water using heating coils, reducing the power consumption and bills. This water heater requires less space which is a thing to consider when buying a Rheem water heater.

Solar Water Heaters

This type of water heater uses solar collectors to heat the water and is ideal for places with a tropical climate like Singapore. It may become a faulty water heater if it is not well maintained. 

Heat Pump Water Heater 

This type of water heater uses electricity to use the hot air in the area for heating the water. It is suitable in areas where hot air is generated like furnaces. 

Commercial Gas Water Heaters 

This type of water heater is used in hotels, restaurants, and other commercial premises where a large amount of hot water is required since it is cheaper than storage water or instant water heater.


Things to Consider When Buying A Water Heater


Storage water heaters are comparatively easy to install because only the plumbing and electrical connection is required. That is why installing a Rheem storage water heater is only a low cost and will help save more money.

The tankless water heater will require more effort for installation since heating coils have to be installed.If this is not done correctly there might be a common water heater problem you might encounter. On the latter, solar water heaters require the most effort for integration since they are usually installed on the terrace or other areas with plenty of sunlight, and have to be connected to the plumbing in one or more rooms. The water pumps using hot air will also have a mechanism for extracting the heat from the surrounding air, and this section should be installed and tested properly to avoid water heater issues. A gas water heater will require a supply of gas and also plumbing for the water.

Efficiency and Performance


Installed water heaters from other brands might be defective and can cause water heater leakages. That is why solar water heaters have the best efficiency since they convert solar energy into heat energy. Heat pumps, commercial gas, and tankless water heaters are also very efficient compared to conventional water heaters, though the heater price and installation cost may be higher. Though storage water heaters are less efficient, they are usually preferred in homes where less hot water is required.


There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of a Rheem water heater and one of them is the size. Most homes require only a few liters of hot water daily and they usually have water heaters which are storage types. Some homes may prefer water heaters that are tankless to reduce their water bills and to avoid frequently replacing or repairing their installed water heater.


The warranty of the installed storage water heater or instant water heater varies depending on the quality, varying from one year to twelve years for water heaters from top brands.


The Rheem water heater cost varies depending on the design and capacity, with storage heaters being the least expensive, followed by tankless, commercial gas, heat pump, and solar water heater which are the top Rheem water heater models in Singapore. 



Choosing the right water heater for your household can be easy if you know the water heater type you need. Rheem water heater is a popular brand that offers a lot of water heater models, various features or even sizes as well. If you are having a hard time thinking about what water heater to purchase, it is important to look for a reliable company that is reliable. At Water Heater City Singapore, we offer complete services like water heater installation for your new water heater. 


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