How To Know If Your Water Heater Is Leaking

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Whether you have an instant water heater or a storage water heater installed at home, both may result in leaking. If you ignore the leaking early on, you might encounter a bigger issue like flooding which may result in mold formation leading to asthma or allergic reactions. Consequently, your walls and floors may be damaged because of it as well.

Water leakage can definitely lead to a higher expense on your water bills and you cannot do anything about it. Ideally, you should not hesitate to contact a plumber immediately to help you fix this issue. We have also listed down a few possible things to look out for to identify water heater leaks and how it can be solved.


Condensation Occurs on Heater Tank Surface


Filling the tank with cold water or for the very first time may result in condensation. You may also notice this in cold weather. On colder days or when you have filled the water heater for the first time, condensation may happen. Singaporean homeowners that use gas water heaters may also observe such condensation arising from its vent. Whenever this happens, you need not worry because it is not a sign of leaking but just condensation, which normally happens.


Storage Water Heater Tank Leaks


Water heaters installed in Singaporean homes are given a lifespan of less than 10 years as opposed to a number of other appliances in the household. Usually, when the water heater tank starts to rust, it will leak and produce water with rust. When this happens, you should call a reliable plumber for a water heater tank replacement, and put a hose to its drain valve to empty the tank in the meantime.


Temperature-Pressure Relief Causes Valve to Leak


It is common for dripping to occur from the valve or water heater tank for temperature-pressure (TP) relief. The heater tank is designed to remove water when excess pressure is sensed. This can be caused by excessive pressure buildup when temperature is too high, if the special valves meant to lower water pressure in the heater disables expansion of water inside the tank, or when the pressure of the primary water supply to home is too strong. The TP relief valve could also be flawed in some cases, and have to be immediately replaced. You should call an experienced plumber to handle the task especially when there are a lot of technicalities involved.

A temperature-pressure (TP) relief occurs on water heater tanks or valves which results in dripping.

The water heater tank is meant to remove water when there is excess pressure. This happens when the temperature becomes too high, if the special valves designed to reduce water pressure in the heater disables expansion of water inside the tank, or when the pressure of the primary water supply is too strong. However, if your TP relief valve is damaged, you should replace them immediately. You should call an experienced plumber to handle the situation for you to get the best results.


Drain Valve Leaks

You can observe your water heater’s drain valves if you want to check if there are any water leaks. If you see water dripping, you should tighten the valve. If leakages still happen, then the valve might be defective. When this occurs, call a professional plumber for drain valve or water heater replacement.



Detecting water heater leakages is not very difficult to do but there may also be leaks inside your home that are not from the water heater tanks. However, if your main problem is leakages from your instant water heaters or storage water heaters then you might want to follow the tips said in this article to fix the issue. If you do not want to add on to the damage that is already occurring, then you should not hesitate to call Water Heater City Singapore to give you the best water heater service in Singapore!


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