Importance of Proper Everhot Water Heater Installation

Water heaters in Singapore became in-demand owing to their benefits in providing hot water supply. There are two kinds of water heaters, and these are instant water heaters and storage water heaters. A professional plumber can install any kind of water heater efficiently. 

We have listed below the importance of proper Everhot water heater installation.  


Water Heater Placement Matters 


One of the reasons behind a leaking water heater is due to improper water heater placement. An improper water heater placement can damage the siding, ruin flooring, wreck personal belongings, and more.
Regardless, if the placement meets local building regulations, it does not mean that your water heater is installed properly to protect your home. A water heater that sits against a wall outside, and is raised off the floor, can still flood due to a water heater leak. This can also cause water heater failure. It is best to hire an expert to get the ideal placement possible. 


Water Heater Location 


Usually, storage water heaters are installed above the ceiling due to its large size. Although, if you do not have enough space to install a storage water heater, an instant water heater is the best option. 

A plumber can install the instant water heaters against a plaster along with drywall. They can also be installed through a drill installation. The thing to note before having an instant water heater installed, is that it is a messy process. It is always ideal to hire a plumber to help you decide whether you should install storage or an instant water heater. 


Test the Water Heater Before Using


A common water heater mistake you should avoid is to not turn on the electricity lines after the water heater installation. You should only turn on the water valves to guarantee your water heater safety. Always keep in mind to open the faucets in and get the water heater running for about 1-2 minutes. Next is to shut off the valve, and get the inline filter close to the inlet to remove any debris. Lastly, test the water heater to make sure that it is working properly. 



The importance of proper water heater placement is to ensure your safety, and this may be a thing you didn’t know about water heaters. Before you buy an Everhot water heater, you should also consider the installation location as there should be enough space for it. Lastly, you should test your newly installed Everhot water heater before you use it. 

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