Important Facts You Should Know About Instant Water Heater Installation

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The demand for installing an instant water heater is rising due to its efficiency in heating water faster than other models with a storage tank and taking more time to heat the water. Instant water heaters are suitable for compact spaces because they do not require ample space to install. 

Below are some important facts that you should know when installing a water heater.


They Have Low Operating Costs

Purchasing an instant water heater can be more expensive than buying a storage-type water heater. However, an instant water heater has a lower operating cost than other types. For example, storing  40 gallons of warm water for your household can be expensive in the long run, which is usual for storage water heater models. On the latter, an instant water heater only heats the water once you turn the water valves. This is proven to lower your water heater and electric consumption monthly.

The demand for hot water in Singapore is increasing, and this implies that installing an instant water heater now means staying ahead of the rest. When your instant water heater installation procedure is done accordingly, it becomes possible to serve all your bathroom water heater needs and save time for your family.


They Reduce The Likelihood of Flooding


As stated above, instant water heaters do not require a central storage unit since the water is heated instantly once the faucet is opened. This reduces the need for storing about 40-gallon water reservoirs in the basement as well as eliminates any significant risk of water heater leakage that may cause flooding.


Routine Maintenance Is Essential for Instant Heaters


A significant number of household water sources in Singapore are supplied with “hard water”, these are water supplies with a high concentration of mineral salts. Hard water can bring risks to your instant or storage water heaters, especially if the water heater system is not regularly maintained. That is why your instant water heater requires water softeners, even if aging and sediment buildup is not an issue. Regular water heater maintenance will increase the lifespan of your unit significantly.


Brand Is Important


There are many top water heaters available in the market today, and they are all not manufactured the same. It would help if you had an assurance that the unit you are getting is worth your reliability and energy efficiency investment. We highly recommend that you choose a brand that has a known history of being a dependable and energy-efficient water heater.


They Should Be Professionally Installed


Water heaters are not simple electrical appliances that anyone can install anyhow without the necessary skills and tools. This is particularly true if you want to replace the old storage water heater with an instant heater. You may want everything done appropriately for your safety as well as with your family. That is why you need a professional to do the installation process.  For instance, the gas meter and gas piping must be appropriately sized if you’re using gas for heating water to avoid an emergency that can affect your water heater safety.



The demand in installing a water heater or an instant water heater rather may be high. However, there are a lot of important factors that you should know before installing an instant water heater because this can help you face water heater problems in the future. Instant water is proven to have a low operating cost, reduce flooding scenarios, is easy to maintain, and is easy to install. At Water Heater City Singapore, we provide safe and affordable water heater installation that will make you worry-free.


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