Introduction to Mistral Instant Water Heaters

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Every family in Singapore requires hot water for bathing and other purposes. Hence, the energy consumption of the water heater is a significant part of the overall energy consumption and electricity bill. Therefore, a lot of homeowners are interested in purchasing the most energy-efficient water heater available. This makes the Mistral water heater one of the most popular brands in Singapore since it has a wide range of instant water heaters. Families interested in installing an instant water heater, particularly a Mistral instant water heater, would like to get to know about it and its features, so they choose the right model. Here is more information about various Mistral water heaters:


Mistral Water Heaters

One of the reasons why Mistral water heater is one of the best-selling water heater brands in Singapore is that the company is always innovating to provide energy-efficient water heaters that are reasonably priced. Additionally, the Mistral water heaters are compact, therefore they can be easily installed in smaller bathrooms and other spaces. Water heaters have multiple safety features, especially anti-scalding to prevent burn injuries and accidents. Aside from storage water heaters, instant water heaters also have a wide range of products that homeowners could choose from, which vary in their specifications and are described below.

Mistral MSH303i Instant Water Heater

The Mistral MSH303i Instant Shower Heater is one of the most affordable instant water heaters available in Singapore. This water heater can heat 3 liters of water per minute, has a power consumption of 3.3 kW, and requires a power supply of 230 volts. To increase energy efficiency, the instant water heater has a very effective heating element and insulation that reduces energy loss. For water heater safety, it has an enclosure rated at IP125, so it will not be affected if water is splashed on it. It also incorporates an anti-scald device to prevent burns and other injuries. A sliding shower set is provided with the water heater. The white-colored water heater is compatible with the decor of most homes and bathrooms. Since the water heater’s height is 340 mm and the width is 240 mm, it is compact. The user can easily adjust the water temperature using the knob which is provided with the water heater.

Mistral MSH505ES Instant Water Heater


The Mistral MSH505ES is designed for providing 12 liters of hot water per minute and has a power rating of 3.3 kW. For greater safety, the water heater has an earth leakage sensing device installed that can help you on how to know if your water heater is leaking. This thermostat will also help to prevent overheating the water, so it does not boil dry. The heater enclosure has IP25 protection, so it will not be affected if larger items fall or water splashes on it. The user can easily select the temperature to which the water should be heated using the knob provided. Turbine flow sensors are used to measure the rate of water flow in the water heater and control it if needed. A shower is also provided.

Mistral MSH88MB Instant Water Heater

The Mistral MSH88MB Instant Shower Heater is one of the premium instant water heaters available. It has a rain shower column and a multi-massage spray for relaxing showers. It also has a hand shower for the convenience of the user. The water pressure while taking a shower can be adjusted to create a spa-like experience using the DC pump which has a silent inverter. The flow of water from the instant water heater varies between 3 liters to 7 liters per minute. For safety and to avoid possible risks of a leaking water heater, the instant water heater has an inbuilt earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB). The IP25 rated instant water heater uses a thermostat to regulate water temperature and prevent scalding. The use of the latest technology helps reduce energy consumption.

Mistral MSH66 Instant Water Heater

One reason to opt for installing an instant water heater such as the Mistral MSH66 Instant Shower Heater, is because it is an affordable instant heater for families who want a massaging shower for relaxation. It has a multi-massaging spray head and a flow rate of at least 3 liters per minute. Like other Mistral water heaters, the enclosure conforms to the IP25 standard. To prevent burns and scalding, the water heater incorporates an anti-scalding device. Using this instant water heater with multiple safety features can help reduce energy consumption significantly.


Families in Singapore are looking to install a water heater as they need hot water for bathing. They are also interested in finding an energy-efficient water heater. One of the water heater brands that is gaining popularity in Singapore is the Mistral water heater. Naturally, they would want to get to know about the features to have in a brand new water heater before purchasing one.

Mistral water heaters are known to be energy-efficient, affordable, and compact. Each of their product models is discussed in detail above. It is best to engage a plumbing professional from Water Heater City Singapore as they are knowledgeable and skilled workers who can install your chosen Mistral instant water heater efficiently.

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