Issues You May Encounter with Storage Water Heaters

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Storage water heaters are no stranger to malfunctioning, just like any other bathroom necessities. You may experience inconvenience on cold days if you do not have hot water available. We have come up with a list of issues you may encounter with storage water heaters that may require repairs by a professional plumber:


Energy Inefficiency


Depending on the model you have, instant water heaters and storage water heaters use huge amounts of energy. A lot of models use 60 percent of power for water heating and the other 40 percent is vented out. However, you can save electricity by installing storage water heaters in a conditioned area of your house.


High Power Consumption


All storage water heaters use a high amount of energy to heat up the entire tank, which adds up to your total bills. If you want to regulate the power your water heater uses, there is a feature wherein you can adjust the output and input controls.

The output control regulates the retention of heat, this is why you should turn it off when you are not using your installed water heater. This helps to preserve heat for future use.

The input control regulates how much heat is stored overnight. It determines the amount of power consumed when your bathroom or kitchen sink tap’s hot water valve is turned on. If you adjust this control by slightly turning it down, you can save more energy without compromising the amount of hot water released by your storage heaters.


Low Performance


Whenever your storage water heater does not perform as optimally as it should during normal weather conditions, it could be a sign for you to change its thermostat. This should help you maintain a consistent temperature level. However, if this does not solve the problem, then it could be because your water heater is not of the right size for your home. You should contact a professional plumber for your storage water heater replacement.


Inconsistency in Water Temperature Levels

Modern storage waters heaters have an automatic room sensor feature. This feature helps to adjust water temperature levels and predict upcoming temperature levels. You should not be experiencing inconsistent water temperature levels. When this happens, you might want to call a professional plumber to assist you in determining whether your storage water heater has been properly waterproofed or insulated. After that, they can help you resolve the problem by doing a replacement. The most ideal thing to do is to replace it with a manual storage heater. This will not only allow you to have more control with your water temperature, but you can also save money on plumbing.



Knowing the most common issues you may encounter with your storage water heaters can help you determine when you need to have a storage water heater replacement or a repair. In moments like these, you might need to call a professional like Water Heater City Singapore. We have a team of the most experienced plumbers when it comes to water heater installation, replacement, and repair.


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