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Joven is a well-established brand with over 35 years of history. They started out in 1983 and made their way to the top in the water heater industry. The company is a manufacturing company for the JOVEN brand of water heater. Their products are designed with quality thoughts for the end-user in line.

Joven JSH Series


Joven Water Heater Products

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Our Past Joven Projects


Residential  |  Condo Loyang

Storage Water Heater Replacement

Replacement Model: Joven JSH35 35L  

Local Manufacturer’s Warranty (By Joven)

* 5 years leaking warranty for the heater tank.

* 2 years warranty for the heating element.

Works Completed Under PUB Standards and Specifications

* Additional 30 days workmanship warranty.

Residential  |  HDB Hougang

Storage Water Heater Replacement

Replacement Model: Joven JSH35 35L  

Local Manufacturer’s Warranty (By Joven)

* 5 years leaking warranty for the heater tank.

* 2 years warranty for the heating element.

Works Completed Under PUB Standards and Specifications

* Additional 30 days workmanship warranty.


Residential  |  HDB Bukit Panjang

Storage Water Heater Replacement

Replacement Model: Joven JSH35 35L

Local Manufacturer’s Warranty (By Joven)

* 5 years leaking warranty for the heater tank.

* 2 years warranty for the heating element.

Works Completed Under PUB Standards and Specifications

* Additional 30 days workmanship warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Is The Joven Series Popular In Singapore?

Among the many water heater brands in Singapore, Joven is one of those that is highly recommended. Joven’s immense popularity among homeowners in Singapore can be attributed to the following:

  • It comes with a multi-point system that can supply water to your entire home
  • It has a wide range of storage water heater sizes from 15L to 91L
  • It is built with top-quality material so that it can last a long time and provide optimal performance
  • It contains polyurethane insulation foam that prevents heat loss for an extended period of time
  • It has a number of safety features that work to prevent exceedingly high pressure and scalding

What Are The Benefits of Purchasing Joven Water Heaters?

A Joven water heater is regarded as one of the best water heaters any homeowner can install in their home. This is because it provides many benefits such as the following:

  • It is built according to high quality and safety standards
  • It incorporates innovative and modern technology
  • It uses an electrical power source for more energy efficiency
  • It is made with Polyurethane insulation foam for faster heating
  • It is relatively affordable than most American and European water heaters

How Can I Choose The Right Joven Water Heater?

Buying the right Joven water heater is critical if you want to fully experience its benefits. Thus, be sure to consider some important points while purchasing:

  • Purchase Price and Operating Cost
  • Efficiency and Performance
  • Capacity
  • Warranty
  • Energy Efficiency

What Are Things I Should Take Note Of Before Buying A Joven Storage Water Heater?

Installing a Joven storage water heater can definitely enhance your showering experience due to its modern features. That said, you can only experience the benefits of a Joven storage water heater if you take note of the following as you purchase:

  • Storage Water Heater Size
  • Piping System in Your Home
  • Ceiling Space in Your Home
  • Water Pressure
  • Distance of Bathrooms
  • Model/Series Specifications
    • JSV Series
    • JSH Series
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cost

What Are The Top Joven Storage Water Heater Models In Singapore?

There are many quality Joven water heaters available in the market that can improve your showering experience. Below are some of the best models you can install for your home:

  • Joven JSV Series
    The Joven JSV 25 and JSV 50 Storage Water Heaters are vertically mounted. They have a stainless steel tank and heating element which prevent rapid corrosion that can result in leaks.
  • Joven JSH Series
    In contrast to the JSV series, this series consists of heaters that are horizontally mounted such as the Joven JSH25 and Joven JSH38 Storage Water Heater.  They make use of heat elevator technology for energy efficiency and polyurethane foam that reduces heat loss.

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Google Rating
Based on 815 reviews

Water Heater City Singapore offers complete water heater services such water heater installation, water heater repair, and water heater leaking services. We provide one-stop supply and installation services for instant water heaters and storage water heaters. Our range of water heater brands includes Ariston, Rheem, Joven, 707, Rubine and more! If you are looking to replace your water heater or install or new heater, do not hesitate to WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for a quick consultation!

8 Benefits Of Purchasing Joven Water Heaters

The Joven water heater is one of the most reputed water heater brands in Singapore. Many families in Singapore prefer to purchase instant water heaters models that are affordable. There are 8 benefits of buying a Joven water heater in Singapore which are discussed in detail below.

Reliability and Safety


One of the reasons why the Joven water heater is among the top brands of water heaters is that it is very reliable and safe for Singapore weather conditions. The climatic conditions in Malaysia, where the Joven water heaters are developed, are very similar to Singapore.



Joven is an innovation-focused company. It is always trying to improve its products as well as incorporate the latest technology and they focus on supplying innovative products.

Energy Efficient

Though Joven water heater has a few models of storage water heaters, it has a far more comprehensive range of instant water heaters which produce hot water only when required.  Hence, these water heaters are energy-efficient as they use an electrical power source to heat the water but only for a shorter period.

No Heat Loss

As compared to storage water heaters, instant water heaters only heat the water when it is switched on. It does not have a storage tank like a storage water heater. That is why it is not prone to heat loss.

Space Efficient

Most of the popular Joven water heaters are instant water heaters. They do not have a large storage tank that has to be installed on the ceiling or wall. This makes the instant water heaters ideal for smaller houses, condos, and small bathrooms with limited space for storage water heaters.

It Only Needs Water When You Use It

Storage water heaters require enough water supply to the tank for it to be heated. In contrast, instant water heaters will only require water for a short period when hot water is required.

Water and Energy-Saving Feature

When buying a new water heater in Singapore, always look for water heaters that require less water. Usually, different showerheads are provided for the instant water heater so that the user can use more or less water depending on what is needed. This makes the instant water heaters water and energy-efficient – resulting in lower electricity bills.

Low Cost


The popularity of the instant water heater is due to the lower cost of using it than the storage water heater. In most homes, the water heater’s energy consumption affects the electricity bill.

Other than the benefits mentioned above, one of the reasons why Joven water heaters are popular is due to its Heat Elevator Technology.


What Do You Know About Joven’s Heat Elevator Technology?

One of the best feelings you would like to experience at your home after a long day of tedious work is a refreshing hot bath. The Joven water heater includes a Heat Elevator technology – the world’s leading innovation to use magnetic fields to accelerate efficient heat transfusion in fluids. This technology significantly reduces the time to heat water. Learn more about Joven’s Heat Elevator technology below.

Which are the main features of Joven’s heat elevator technology?


  • The inner tanks are made using stainless steel to ensure that they will not corrode.
  • The slim horizontal tank design saves space. It also has an epoxy powder coating paint applied on the outer side of the metal tank.
  • It includes a 10-year leakproof warranty for the inner tank.
  • 100% secure and safe device reinforced by the device’s triple safety mechanisms, namely:
  1. A thermostat cut-out

The thermostat control function is designed to cut off additional water heating when water attains the optimum heating temperature of 70°C. This feature minimizes power wastage saving your electricity bills.

  1. Thermal fuse

This thermal cut-off function is designed to stop the heating element from heating water once the water temperature reaches 95°C. This function is meant to prevent the Joven water heater from experiencing a dry burn.

3. Safety pressure control valve

The function is designed to release extra pressure build-up from the tank beyond 8 bars.

If you are considering buying a Joven water heater due to its Heat Elevator technology, it is also essential to know the top Joven storage water heater models in Singapore in order to narrow down which water heater is ideal for you.


Top Joven Storage Water Heater Models In Singapore

Joven water heater is one of the most popular water heaters in Singapore. Their water heaters have good quality and are reasonably priced. The specifications of the top Joven storage water heater models in Singapore are described in detail below.

Joven JSV Series

The Joven JSV heater series consists of storage water heaters that are mounted vertically, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms. These water heaters have multiple water heater safety features – like pressure relief, drain valve, thermostat cutoff, and thermal cutoff.

Joven Storage Water Heater JSV 25

The Joven Storage Water Heater – JSV 25 is a vertically mounted storage heater from Joven with a capacity of 25 liters which is ideal for one shower. This water heater is perfect for smaller families with only one bathroom.

Joven Storage Water Heater JVA50


Joven Storage Water Heater JSV 50 is a high capacity storage water heater designed for vertical mounting. The water heater capacity of 50 litres makes it ideal for two showers simultaneously or one rain shower.

Joven JSH Series

The Joven JH water heater series consists of water heaters (e.g., Joven Storage Water Heater 50L) which are horizontally mounted in the bathroom or other rooms. These water heaters are suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

Joven Storage Water Heater JSH25


The Joven Storage Water Heater JSH25  has a capacity of 25 litres and it can be used for one shower or one kitchen sink at a time.

Joven Storage Water Heater JSH35

Joven Storage Water Heater JSH35 has a capacity of 35 litres. Since it has a larger capacity, it can be used with a shower and kitchen sink together or a rain shower.

In addition to knowing the top Joven storage water heaters in Singapore, it is also important to know what are the factors to be considered when choosing the right Joven water heater model for your needs.


Choosing The Right Joven Water Heater Model

When it comes to water heaters, most people in Singapore prefer Joven water heaters. However, there are various Joven water heater models to choose from and it is important to know how to choose the right Joven water heater model for your needs.

Instant Water Heater

An instant water heater heats the water on demand, and there is no need to store any water. Compared to storage water heaters, this one saves you space and heats water without you having to wait too long.

Storage Water Heater


The storage water heater type of water heater keeps a supply of water stored that can be used when you want. A storage water heater can hold even up to 91 liters of continuously heated water. This varies depending on the amount of water that can be stored in your water heater – a factor to consider when buying a new storage water heater.

Purchase Price and Operating Cost

Different Joven water heater models come with different price tags. The premium models from the top bestselling water heater brands have different prices from other types of water heaters which may be more expensive.

Gas heaters usually are expensive, and the price of storage water heaters depends mostly on their capacity. Natural gas heaters are more expensive compared to electric ones and cost less to run.

Efficiency and Performance


Every Joven water heater is known to be very efficient. It offers excellent performance and the significance of installing an energy efficient water heater is that it will certainly help lower your electricity bills.



The size is an important thing you should consider when buying a new water heater, particularly when you plan to buy a Joven storage water heater. You will be considering the tank size as well.

To find out the right size of the water heater you will install, it is important to take note of the number of people that are going to use the water heater.



One of the factors to consider when buying a water heater is the warranty. There will be less stress on having it repaired or replacing a water heater when it is faulty. The warranty can differ between the models like Joven storage water heater 35L – JSH35 or Joven JSH 68.

Energy Efficiency

When choosing to install an instant water heater or a storage water heater, you will be spending a good amount of your monthly budget on hot water. However, it is better to invest in a high-efficient water heater as well as hire a professional to install your storage water heater.

After learning more about how to choose the right Joven water heater model, it is essential to know the things to take note of before purchasing one.


Things to Take Note Of Before Buying A Joven Storage Water Heater

Joven water heater is a brand that you can completely trust. Most people in Singapore would want to install a water heater in their homes. If you plan to buy a Joven water heater, there are certain things to take note of before buying a Joven storage water heater.

Storage Water Heater System

Joven storage water heater systems are the right choice for you if you are interested in multipoint solutions. They can function with a mixer tap system and are known to supply not just a single shower point but everywhere you may need warm water – including your jacuzzi, bathtub, washing machine, basin, sink, and shower tap.


Regardless of the fuel used, you will purchase a water heater to match your household requirements. This rating of your Joven water heater is dependent on your tank’s size, the heating element’s size, and the heat source.

Piping System in Your Home

Before you install your water heater, you should prioritize installing the hot and cold piping system. Different types of pipes can be used for your home in Singapore:

  • PVC pipes for cold water
  • stainless steel pipe, PPU pipe, copper pipe, and PPR pipe for hot water

The cold and hot piping system needs to be connected to your mixer tap system to combine the hot and cold water. Thus, creating the perfect temperature to avoid scalding – one of the common water heater problems.

Ceiling Space in Your Home


To install your tank on a concrete wall, you will need to check the top plaster ceiling space. The ceiling allowance must be at least 2 feet to properly position your Joven storage water heater.

Water Pressure

Before installing a new Joven water heater, you need to check the water pressure by finding the distance from your water tank. If the water pressure is from your water tank and you have a 2-3 story high home it will require you a water pump.

Distance of Bathrooms

You may have a shared unit with 2 bathrooms which are located side by side and are less than 15 feet away. Alternatively, there can be a split unit for 1 bathroom that is more than 15 feet away.

Model/Series Specifications

There is a variety of Joven storage water heater models that you can choose from.

JSH Series


JSH series like the Joven Storage Water Heater – JSH 38  are installed in a horizontal position. It can be preset to 70 degrees centigrade and offers normal heating time.

JVA Series

The JSV series like Joven Storage Water Heater – JSV 50L are mounted vertically. It comes with an adjustable temperature control knob and offers a normal heating time.

Select an Energy Saving Option

The Heat Elevator technology or “HE” used in the Joven water heater model is the only technology that uses a patent-pending magnetic mechanism. This improves the transfer of heat and makes the heat stratification in the water much better – making it an energy efficient water heater.



Water heaters can be considered an essential home appliances. A water heater with a capacity of 40-50 litres can cost around $400-$600. Now, it depends mostly on which model of Joven water heater you opt for.



When choosing to install a Joven water heater, consider key factors like the water heater size, its tank holding capacity, and the type of water heater to ensure that you buy a water heater model that meets your needs. To make sure that your water will not have water heater problems during installation, consider hiring a water heater professional. They can provide advice on which water heater is ideal based on your requirements and help to provide water heater installation services. At Water Heater City, we provide water heater installation or replacement services.


Water Heater City Singapore offers complete water heater services for both storage and instant water heater tanks including water heater installation and replacement, and water heater leak. We can provide the supply and installation or replacement of Singapore’s most popular water heater brands like Ariston water heaterRheem water heaterJoven water heater, 707 water heater, Rubine water heater, and Champs water heater. If required, we are also able to open false ceiling, patch it back up and paint it to restore it to its original condition. We have over 10 years of experience for installation of water heaters and have done hundreds of water heater installation cases for landed, condo and HDB, including complete one-stop installation above false ceiling, plastering, and resealing false ceiling. We are a highly recommended Water Heater Services Company in Singapore, with many delighted customers and reviews over the years on Google and Facebook.  WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for transparent quotations and honest pricing for all your water heater needs. We also provide a fast and efficient service to solve any of your water heater needs!



Case Study

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Replace Joven Storage Water Heater Tank Singapore Condo Yishun 

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Joven Water Heater Replacement Water Heater Singapore Condo – Bukit Timah

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