Key Factors That Affect the Price of Everhot Water Heaters

Most families in Singapore are attracted to the idea of installing an Everhot water heater since it guarantees hot water supply. Buyers must always consider that there are several factors that affect the cost of Everhot water heaters.

Just like any other appliance, Everhot creates a number of storage water heaters for the Singapore market. Buyers can choose the design, capacity and features. 

Some of the main factors which affect the price of Everhot water heaters are discussed below.


Type of Water Heater 


A thing to consider when buying a new water heater is that the prices vary depending on the water heater’s design. Most people in Singapore prefer to buy a storage water heater since it has a simpler design and it is affordable at the same time. Everhot storage water heaters have a tank where the heated water will be stored, it is then released when needed. 

Although, some people choose instant water heaters since there is a significance of installing energy efficient water heaters. Since they are energy efficient, they are more expensive compared to storage water heaters. 

Additionally, water heaters are grouped based on their source of energy, and this may be a thing you didn’t know about water heaters. Even if electric heaters are commonly used, many homes and commercial properties are choosing to install gas and solar water heaters since it is affordable. Although, the cost for it is far higher than an electric heater. For solar water heaters, additional supplies will be needed, and it also requires more piping for the hot water.




The features to have in a brand-new water heater before purchasing is also a thing to consider. Keep in mind that it has advanced features, the more costly it is. Expensive heaters will use the condensing gas heat for heating, which lessens the electric consumption. A common water heater problem is the scale formation, and if the parts are anti-scale formation, it will add up to the price. 

The quality parts of a water heater are made up of brass valves instead of plastic valves, and glass tank lining. Installed water heaters with a longer warranty of more than five years are usually more expensive compared to heaters that have a one-year warranty. 


Energy Efficiency


The water heater energy efficiency refers to the amount of heat it produces for each unit of the power source which is either electricity or gas. There are even several factors that can affect your water heater’s energy consumption. The water heater manufacturer usually indicated the energy efficiency of the water heater. If a water heater is more energy efficient the more it is costly since they have a better design and lesser heat loss. 

Instant water heaters are about 30% more efficient than storage heaters, although it costs more. Gas water heaters are usually also more efficient, however it is also more expensive for the same capacity.  



Water heaters with larger capacity can produce more hot water. Although, it requires more material and high rating parts. This increases the cost of materials and manufacturing the high-capacity water heater. Even transporting the heater is expensive since it has a large capacity. An important fact you should know about instant water heater installation is the capacity that is determined by the amount of water heater they produce. The cost will be higher if it requires more hot water. 


Location of Water Heater Installation


Those storage water heaters that are installed in HDB houses are categorized as exposed installation. It will be easier to conduct a water heater replacement since they are visible. The thing to note during a water heater installation is the price of the installation since it includes job scope size and complexity. In some cases, homeowners install a new water heater model, and this could have a higher cost as pipes might need to be rerouted and have other minor modifications to be made. Consulting a professional water heater service is an ideal choice since they have provide a better estimation and reasonable pricing.


Cost of Water Heater Installation in Singapore 


Here are some factors which determine the water heater installation cost are:

  • Water Heater Size – Smaller water heaters are easier to install compared to larger water heaters. Since more effort is required in a larger heater, the more it is costly.
  • Water Heater Location – A point to note about water heater installation is that it is easier and cheaper to install the water heater in an open area compared to closed areas. 
  • Water Heater Type – If you are planning to install a glass heater, it requires extra piping for gas supply. Meanwhile, the elements of electric heaters only require an electric supply. 
  • Piping – Will need to be changed and installation is required if the heater capacity is modified. 


Extra Charges 

If there is no power focuses or channeling/wiring setup, or if the water heater is provided by the water heater installer. This can be a factor affecting the cost of instant water heater installation or a storage water heater installation. 



Installing an Everhot water heater will provide you with a hot water supply whenever you need it. Before you want to install this water heater brand, you should first consider the factors that affect its cost. Whether you choose an instant water heater or a storage water heater, it is important to know all the details as this affects the cost of your unit. If you are planning to buy an Everhot water heater, do not hesitate to contact us at Water Heater City Singapore. Our plumbing experts can also do the water heater installation for you as well. 


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