Multipoint Water Heater vs. Instant Water Heater

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In the last few years, instant water heaters have become in-demand in Singapore due to their energy-saving and compact size. However, for larger homes that need multiple hot water supplies, professionals will recommend that the homeowner should install a multipoint water heater

Before looking for the right multipoint heater, the homeowner would like to find out how it is better than installing multiple instant heaters. Thus, we are going to discuss the difference between a multipoint water heater, and an instant heater to help the heater buyer make the right decision. 



The main advantage of installing a multipoint heater is that the cost of a single multipoint heater will be greatly lower than multiple instant heaters. An important fact about instant water heater installation is that separate heaters are needed earlier at each point, depending on the number of places where hot water is required. Although, the price of an instant water heater is lower compared to a multipoint water heater. A factor affecting the cost of instant water heater installation is that if hot water is needed at two or more points, the cost will be higher. 

The installation cost for multiple instant heaters is higher due to plumbing and electrical connections. The multipoint water heater is usually connected to the existing plumbing in each of the bathrooms or other rooms. Therefore, no additional plumbing is needed. 

Mixer Taps vs. Cold Taps 


The multipoint heaters are designed to be connected to the mixer taps in the different bathrooms. A mixer tap allows the user to mix cold and hot water from the heater to produce water at the preferred temperature. Just keep in mind that you should lower your water heater’s temperature

Taps can have one or two levers to adjust the type of water flowing out. There are some taps that have separate levers for hot water and cold water. Meanwhile, other taps have the lever position which determines the source of water supply. Multipoint water heaters are not fit for showers in large homes. 

On the other hand, a common misconception about instant water heaters that you need to know is that they can be used with cold taps and showers. This is due to the water supply being used only at one point. If the pressure of the incoming water supply is high enough

Amount of Time Taken For The Hot Water To Reach Outlets 

It will usually take some time for the water to reach the outlet after the multipoint heater is turned on. Once the heater is turned on, the cold water in the pipes will first flow out from the outlet, and then the heated water will flow through the pipes. 

A thing you didn’t know about water heaters is that the time taken for the hot water to reach the outlet will depend on the distance of the outlet from the multipoint heater. If the outlet is close to the heater, the hot water will start flowing from the outlet within five seconds. 

For large houses, more bathrooms can be located far away from the heater. It can also take one minute or more to reach the outlet. On the other hand, instant water heaters the outlet, and heater are in the same bathroom. Therefore, you can use the hot water right away.  

Consistency in Temperature and Water Pressure


While lower water pressure can affect both instant and multipoint showers, the performance of the multipoint heater depends on how many people are using the heater at the same time. A feature to have in a brand-new water heater before purchasing is to make sure that you can access water at its preferred temperature and pressure. 

A multipoint heater’s performance will degrade if people are taking baths or require hot water at the same time. Since the water may not be hot enough. For those who want hot showers, a multipoint water heater is not advisable since the pressure may be low. 

The reason to opt for instant water heater installation is the performance is consistent since it supplies hot water to one outlet at a time. Additionally, the water pressure and temperature are at a preferred level. This is the reason why instant water heaters are popular in Singapore.


For smaller homes, an instant water heater will be enough since it can only supply hot water one outlet at a time. On the other hand, a multiple water heater is suitable for a larger home. Since it can supply hot water while several people are using the heater all at the same time.

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