Myths About Multipoint Water Heater

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Multipoint water heaters are very popular and you will find them installed in many homes in Singapore. Perhaps, you have also considered getting a multipoint water heater installed, but you are unsure. The reason may be the many speculations about this type of heater. 

While you may be deciding on your water heater installation, you have heard negative things about multipoint water heaters that spark your worries. Most of them may have been nothing but myths. We shall clear a few such myths right away, and get you sure about investing in a multipoint water heater.


It Is More Expensive


It is said that since it is a multipoint water heater, then it costs more compared to usual heaters. However, there are many factors affecting the cost of multipoint water heater installation. There are brands that can be a little expensive, but even budget-friendly models are available that work amazingly. In fact, some models are cheaper compared to the other water heaters but work better than them.

Furthermore, if you get it installed correctly, you will not face water heater issues and maintenance fee blow-ups. Hence, it will also prove to be cost-effective in the future even if you select a slightly pricier model.


It Cannot Support Rainshower


You may have read somewhere that a multipoint water heater does not allow you to enjoy a rainshower. However, this is just a myth. If you are not aware, one of the differences between a normal shower versus a rainshower is that the latter needs higher water pressure for the water to flow effortlessly. 

It supplies hot water to more than one bathroom, thus making it one of the advantages of installing a multipoint water heater. You can enjoy a rainshower experience in multiple bathrooms. However, if you want to use rainshowers in more than 2 bathrooms at the same time then it will be better to opt for a bigger capacity heater.


It Is Not Energy Efficient


If you have ever heard that a multipoint water heater is not energy efficient, and it will make your energy expenses costly, then do not believe it. Even a 4.5kW multipoint water heater can save you around 25 – 40 percent more energy compared to a 3kW storage water heater. One of the cons of installing a storage water heater is the preheating period. It may take up to 10 minutes or so. If you add it up to the time you take when showering, you will consume more electricity. 

When you use a multipoint water heater (assuming it is 4.5kW) at its maximum, and shower for around 10 minutes, then you will consume just 0.75kWh of electricity. This is because no preheating is required. Another reason to purchase a multipoint water heater instead of a storage water heater. If you also do not use the hot water continuously, and you set it on medium, then you can save more energy.

High capacity storage water heaters, when used for a single shower, only waste energy as it heats the unused water. You should also consider when buying a new storage water heater is the amount of heat loss and energy you need for heating. Take note that turning off your storage causes the water to cool down. On the other hand, a multipoint water heater consumes energy only when the hot water is being used. Thus, making it more energy-efficient.


Higher Installation Fee


The installation charges of multipoint water heaters are very high – this is yet another myth that we shall now bust.

The fact is, since it is lightweight and compact, installing a multipoint heater is quite simple, similar to an instant water heater installation. You also just need to make sure that 2.5mm2 single-core cables are used as undersized or inferior quality cables can result in overheating.

The quality of your installation depends on the workmanship of your installer. That is why you should also be aware of the things to look out for when choosing a water heater installer



There are many myths regarding multipoint water heaters. Some may even consider looking into a multipoint water heater against an instant water heater or storage water heater perspective. This is to only thoroughly understand how this type of heater really works. The myths emerging from comparisons with other types of heaters tackle things about the installation fee, its cost, and even its effect when using rainshowers. 

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