Normal Shower vs Rain Shower – Rubine Water Heaters

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Rubine is one of the most popular home appliance brands in Singapore and Malaysia since their products are designed for local weather and living conditions. Considering Rubine products are exceptional and affordable, most families in Singapore are interested in purchasing Rubine water heaters for their homes. Smaller families prefer to buy a Rubine instant water heater since it is compact and consumes less electricity compared to storage water heaters. Rubine instant heaters come along with a normal shower and a rain shower. Thus, these options will help buyers choose the right water heater for their homes.

Rubine BOW series are popular since they combine performance with elegant design to integrate well with any bathroom design. The Rubine 1388 instant water heater with a normal shower and Rubine 2388 instant water heater which also has a rain shower are some of the more popular water heaters in the series. Another reason why people choose Rubine heaters is due to the high-quality heating element which uses the latest technology in the United Kingdom. This ensures that the water will get heated quickly in the heater. Water heater users can be assured of the quality of the water heater since the heating element is UL-approved.

Rubine instant water heaters have a thermo cut-off feature that will cut off the power supply when the temperature exceeds the safety limit to ensure that you enjoy hot showers. This is to prevent users from having very hot water and does not cause scalding to the skin. Moreover, each heater has a thermostat, and you can set the temperature depending on the required water temperature. Each water heater is designed to work with a power supply of 230 volts and is rated at 3500 watts.

The water heater will only work when the water pressure is above 20 KPa and is designed to withstand a maximum water pressure of 400 kPa. The main piping used is of diameter 19 mm, and the heater is designed with IP25 protection against water. Rubine water heaters are compact and lightweight in which a professional can easily do the water heater installation. Rubine guarantees its users have a quality water heater since a five-year warranty is provided on the heating element and a one-year warranty for the other parts.


Rubine RWH-1338 Instant Heater 


Rubine 1338 electric instant water heater is the usual instant heater with a normal shower. This instant heater has all the features of basic heaters from the BOW series which are described above. The Rubine RWH-1338 instant water heater model is compact and refined, making it fit with any bathroom decor. The water heater comes along with a normal shower head that has a diameter of 120 mm, and it also has water-saving features. The user can choose between two different color options (chrome-finished black or white) to match the bathroom decor. A mounting kit is provided for the Rubine water heater installation. Such that the user has the flexibility to adjust the height between 500 mm and 600 mm.


Rubine RWH-2338 Instant Heater 


Rubine 2388 rain shower instant water heater is an enhanced water heater since it comes with a rain shower, and has a booster pump to increase the water pressure. The water pressure is low at times, and this can affect the performance of the instant water heater. The good thing about the Rubine RWH-2338 instant water heater is that it has a booster pump. This will increase the water pressure to the desired level for a comfortable shower. The Rubine 2388 is available in black and white color options, and this series has other features of the heater series.

The RWH-2338 heater has multiple shower options – a rain shower as well as a normal hand shower, such that the user can choose which type of shower they want to choose. The rain shower is located on the top part and has a round showerhead of diameter 205 mm while the hand shower has a diameter of 120 mm. It is also connected to the hand-shower section using a 17mm diameter pipe. The shower has a water-saving and anti-twist feature. For this Rubine water heater, the tube connector is durable, and the diverter can rotate in all directions.


Importance of Booster Pumps

What Is A Water Heater Booster?


Usually, the water pressure in your home is low due to water supply-related issues. In these cases, the user notices that the instant water heater is not producing enough hot water, thus spending time adjusting the heater settings. Therefore, it is suggested to buy a new instant water heater from an installer that includes a booster pump to increase enough water pressure. Keep in mind that Rubine RWH-2338 is the only one that has a booster pump.



  • The main advantage of a booster pump is that you will never run out of a hot water supply. 
  • Improves energy efficiency of water heater since it consumes less electricity.
  • It is water-saving since hot water is always available, and cold water will not have to be wasted.


Your Shower Choice


An installed water heater with a normal shower is best for cleaning since it has higher water pressure. On the other hand, a rain shower offers you a relaxing bath, although the pressure may be low and not all dirt can be removed. Installing a rain shower is expensive and complicated. Installing a water heater with a normal shower is comparatively simple. Therefore, families who want multiple shower options and can afford it should choose an instant with both normal and rain showers.



The BOW series of Rubine water heaters provides good quality features in a water heater. Rubine instant heaters are designed to be compact and elegant at the same time to suit any bathroom décor. The main difference between RWH-1338 and RWH-2338 is the shower type. Both models are relatively efficient, although 2338 has a booster pump which helps you conserve water and there will always be enough supply of hot water. 

Whether you choose RWH-1338 or RWH-2338, Rubine is known to be a reliable water heater. If you want to purchase one of these water heater models, just give us a call at Water Heater City Singapore. Our plumbing experts can perfectly install your instant water heater from Rubine. 


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