Points To Note When The Rubine Water Heater Is Taking Too Long To Heat

There are times wherein you have to wait for quite a while for your Rubine water heater to heat thoroughly. When your heater is taking too long to heat up, it means that something is wrong with your Rubine water heater. Thus, you have to fix the issues to resume its functionality. 

We have listed the four reasons why your Rubine shower heater is taking too long to heat.



The distance between the installed water heater and the shower or faucet can affect the final water temperature. The reason why it takes more time for the hot water to reach the shower or faucet is owing to the longer distance. This means that cold water in the pipe will flow for some time until the hot water finally reaches the faucet. An example of that would be, when the instant or storage water heater is located on the ground floor, it will take quite some time to reach the sink in the third-floor bathroom. If the hot water has to flow through several yards before reaching the faucet, the cold water will have to come out first before the hot water is released. This is very inconvenient since it is wasting water.


Low Volume Restrictor

Another factor that can also delay the hot water from reaching your shower or faucet is the water flow or volume. Most appliances such as the showerhead are designed to operate under low water pressure. As a result, volume restrictors are installed to reduce the volume of water coming through that feature. Although these restrictors are great for water conservation and lowering the cost, they can end up causing delays in water delivery. You can notice the delay, especially if there is a different water heater problem causing a delay in the release of hot water.


Failing Water Heater


A water heater is usually nearing its lifespan about 8 to 10 years old. It will start experiencing difficulties, hence becoming inefficient at heating water. A faulty water heater will take longer to heat your water, which results in delayed hot water flow. A local plumber should be able to inspect your water heater and suggest when is the right time to replace your water heater.


Sediment Buildup

One of the major problems that Rubine water heaters are facing is sediment buildup. Always remember that most of the water that flows in our homes has mineral deposits such as magnesium and calcium. Although, if your home water supply is from a hard water source, i.e., water containing over 60 milligrams of dissolved water mineral per liter, then it can be a water heater issue. These minerals gradually end up collecting at the bottom of your water heater tank. The accumulated sediment leaves a small space in the tank for the heater water after a while. A tank with enough capacity will hold less water, hence running out of hot water within a few minutes than a tank with a large capacity. This results in delaying the water flow.


Undersized Water Heater


You are maybe underestimating your current need for hot water in your home. An example would be if the current water heater was installed several years ago when the need for hot water was limited. However, your home currently needs more hot water. You have to consider buying a new water heater by Rubine that is larger for a practical water heating experience.


Water In Pipes


One more reason why you are experiencing delays before hot water comes out of your showerhead or faucet is that there is already cold water sitting in the pipe. If you switch on the faucet, water starts to flow. The initial water will not get into the Rubine water heater, hence it will remain cold at room temperature. If the water heater is far from the showerhead or faucet, there will be a longer delay. 



You may be experiencing a delay in having hot water with your Rubine water Heater, and the underlying causes are distance, low volume, water heater failure, sediment buildup, undersized water heater, and water in pipes. It is important to take note of these reasons as if it is left ignored there would likely be a chance that your Rubine instant or storage water heater will develop more problems. 

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