Possible Causes of Ariston Storage Water Heater Leak

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Ariston water heater leaks can be quite troublesome for homeowners in Singapore. Water heater leaks can result in water damage which may lead to spending extra money and time to rectify. You might not also have the hot water supply ready when needed which can be infuriating. It is even more frustrating if you are unable to figure out why your Ariston storage heater is leaking. Though it will be best to hire a professional in such a situation, there are a few possible factors that may be causing your Ariston storage heater to leak.


1. Rusty Water Heater Tank


Your Ariston storage heater is made of steel –  which is mostly made up of iron. Over time, the water will make your storage heater rust. Thankfully, the water heater has a sacrificial anode rod, an internal element that protects it from rust. However, once the rod deteriorates, your water heater will then start rusting. You will be able to identify this issue if your tap water comes out rusty – water is usually brown in color. 

If your Ariston storage heater is leaking due to rust, consider consulting a water heater professional to evaluate if you need to repair or replace your water heater


2. Sediment Buildup


Sediments, also known as minerals from hard water, will begin settling at the bottom of your Ariston water heater. This may create an insulating layer which increases the time needed for a water heater to heat the water. This may cause overheating and deteriorate your storage tank. One of the common water heater issues is hearing unusual noises such as crackling or popping noises. This indicates that the water is starting to get trapped beneath the sediment and has begun bubbling in order to escape. 

Do engage water heater services if you require advice on repairing or replacing your damaged water heater due to sediment buildup.


3. Internal Pressure


If you blow too much air into a balloon, it is bound to explode. Similarly, storage heaters may leak and burst if there is excess pressure building in the tank. If the pressure is too high, your Ariston storage water heater may even explode.

A relief valve is included with all models of Ariston storage water heater – such as the Ariston Pro Slim 30L. If you find that your Ariston water heater is leaking when it is heating up water, this is because the relief valve releases excess water from the water heater while it is heating. In the situation that the relief valve is leaking continuously when it is not heating up water or the water heater has not been turned out for some time, you may consider engaging a water heater professional to replace your water heater.



It might be frustrating if your water heater is leaking. Various factors such as a rusty water tank, sediment buildup, excess internal pressure, and inadequate insulation may cause your Ariston water heater to leak. Identifying the causes of the leak may not be difficult but rectifying the issue can be difficult if you do it yourself. Enlist the help of Water Heater City Singapore for water heater replacement.


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