Pros of Buying A 707 Compact Instant Water Heater

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Having a 707 compact water heater is an essential piece of household appliance. This ensures consistent, reliable, and fast water heating services at your home. There are several benefits you will enjoy once you install an instant water heater from 707 over other water heater brands available. 

It Features a Copper Class Tank

A reason to opt for a 707 compact instant water heater installation is that the tanks are designed using higher-grade copper for enhancing their performance. Apart from that, it is manufactured based on rigorous specifications and standards. This increases its durability and reliability.

Splash Proofing

Each 707 compact water heater has its internal circuitry that is insulated by a splash-proof and hard casing. These items are manufactured based on international safety standards.

Special Double Knobs 


All the 707 compact water heaters include double knobs. The knob on the upper side controls the water temperature in three different ranges. This is a usual feature of instant water heaters, although for 707 instant water heaters the bottom knob is unique. The thing you didn’t know about the 707 instant water heater is that you can control water strength, which indirectly helps control water temperature. This is a feature you want to have before buying a new water heater since most homes in Singapore receive water from a shared water point. Lower water pressure can affect the heating hence the need for a control knob. The bottom knob helps maintain higher water strength even after the other water faucet is active at the same time.

Energy Saving Feature

One of the most energy-consuming devices in our homes is the water heater. The significance of installing energy efficient water heaters from 707 is that it allows you to enjoy hot showers while saving you a great deal of cash. Water heaters from 707 have two heating elements, unlike the usual water heaters in Singapore. One of those heating elements is made using a pure copper heating element. While the other one has higher resistance over the other, helping it to save energy. The double heating elements are the factors that affect your water heater’s energy consumption since they lower your utility bills significantly. 

Heat Safety Feature


The heat heater safety feature is among the most valuable attributes you can ever find in the 707 compact instant water heater. A compact instant water heater usually has neon light labels. This indicates the power, low, medium, and overheat functions. You can control the water temperature using the knob depending on your hot water needs. 



Another thing to consider when buying a new water heater is the showerhead. The 707 compact instant water heater comes with an SKV showerhead. This showerhead is designed to be a multifunctional device to make it easier for you to adjust the water style based on your preference. An example would be, the rain showerhead producing a large volume of water yet at a softer touch. On the other hand, normal showerhead water can provide a massage-like feel. The final decision will depend on whether you want to install a massage feeling or a softer touch showerhead. 


You may have always heard about the top 3 best-selling water heater brands in Singapore, although installing a 707 compact instant water heater has advanced features. Having a 707 instant water heater installation will definitely help you save money, not having the signs of a faulty water heater, and will allow you to have hot water whenever you need it. If you want to purchase a 707 compact water heater, you may contact us at Water Heater City Singapore. We can also do the installation services in your home at any time. 

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