Pros of Buying An Ariston Instant Water Heater

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A nice hot shower can make you feel greatly relaxed no matter how tough your day has been. If you have some time to spare, you can even soak yourself in a bathtub filled with hot water and enjoy an experience that words alone cannot explain.

To be able to enjoy hot showers or a hot soak regularly, you need a water heater. Storage water heaters are one of your options, but it can take some time for the water to heat up, be stored, and be available for use. Therefore, most people in Singapore now prefer instant water heaters.

Though there are many instant water heater options, Ariston water heaters are gaining immense popularity as there are many pros of buying an Ariston water heater.


Energy Efficiency


Cost is one of the things that people give importance to when purchasing electrical home appliances such as a water heater. As compared to the standard water heaters, certain Ariston water heaters can help save over 70% or more energy – making this water heater energy efficient while reducing your monthly bills.

These heaters are nearly 24 – 34 percent more energy efficient in homes that have small families, or where less than 41 gallons of water is used on a daily basis. Even in homes where more water is used, considerable energy savings are experienced, thus making an instant Ariston water heater a great choice.


Lower Utility Bills

Since an Ariston water heater consumes lower amounts of energy, it can help lower your utility bills. You can save a certain amount of money every year by opting for an Ariston water heater.

Ariston water heaters can conserve up to 70% or more energy as compared to traditional storage water heaters. At the same time, they can meet all the needs of your home perfectly well – including your bathroom, your kitchen, and laundry.


More Space


Many homeowners in Singapore might not have enough space to install a traditional water heater as it takes up too much space and looks unattractive.

As compared to storage water heaters, instant water heaters are designed to be smaller as they do not have to store water until your next shower. Therefore, you will be saving a lot of space that can be utilized in other ways.

Consider hiring a water heater professional to install your instant water heater for you as they can advise on purchasing the right type of water heater for your home – especially if you have limited space for water heater installation.


Longer Heater Lifespan

Storage water heaters are known to have a lifespan of around 8 – 12 years. If you opt for an instant heater such as the Ariston instant water heater, it is durable as it usually lasts for more than 20 years – making it worth buying. 


Endless Supply of Hot Water

Imagine a situation where you went out with your family, and after you came back home, all of you wanted to take a hot shower. However, by the time it was your turn, the hot water ran low, and you had no choice but to take a cold shower.

To prevent this from happening, consider purchasing an Ariston instant water heater such as the Ariston SMC33 so that you can enjoy unlimited supply of hot water instantly.


Less Waiting Time

After a long day, we want to enjoy a hot shower when we get back home. We might not have the patience to wait for the water to get heated up, stored, and then be available – just like how it works in traditional heaters.

You do not need to wait if you opt for an Ariston instant water heater. Unlike storage heaters, instant water heaters heats up the water quickly, and you have water ready to be used as and when you want.


Lower Risks of Leaks


If you use a storage water heater, hard water may lead to mineral build up within your water heater over time. This paves the way to corrosion and eventually your water heater will leak.

Since the Ariston instant water heater does not have any tank, there is no possibility of the water heater leaking. For example, the Ariston SMC33 instant heater comes with a 5-year warranty on its heating elements. Therefore, if your instant water heater is experiencing any problems with heating elements, you can get it repaired or replaced as long as it is within the warranty period.

It is best to engage water heater services to help install your instant water heater. They will ensure that your water heater is installed properly and safe for use. 



There are many advantages to buying an Ariston instant water heater for your home. By purchasing it, you will be able to save both money and time due to  this water heater being energy efficient and being able to instantly heat up water as and when you need it. Its small design and lack of a storage tank means that you can install it easily in any bathroom. When you have decided on buying an instant water heater, consider engaging a professional to help with the water heater installation.


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