Pros of Buying Rubine Water Heaters in Singapore

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Is your current water heater beginning to develop problems, and you know that it will not last too long? Well, it is an ideal choice to invest and install a new water heater before it breaks down completely.

You have a wide range of water heaters you could choose from, although most people in Singapore prefer buying a water heater from Rubine. You may be wondering why, and the answer to that is owing to the many advantages that people get to enjoy on installing a Rubine water heater. We have listed the pros to let you know why a Rubine water heater makes a perfect choice for your home as well.



Rubine’s storage and instant water heaters are known to make your lives comfortable. It lets you enjoy a hot water shower whenever you want, and also it helps in doing your laundry and the dishes a lot simpler. It has been created to make things a lot simpler and comfortable for you.


Water Quality


We all know that heat destroys harmful microscopic organisms present in water. This is why hot water not only makes things comfortable, it even is good for your health.

You may have used your current water heater for about 10 years, and likely started showing issues like orangish color coming from the faucet. This means that the quality of the water heater is not in good condition. If you only want your water heater to have the best quality, then you should install a Rubine instant water heater or storage water heater. These heaters are known to provide you the finest experience, and this is why they are so popular.


Ecologically Friendly

One of the other things people do not know about water heaters made by Rubine is that it is ecologically friendly. You can recycle and replace the components. These heaters will result in fewer greenhouse gases, less air pollution, and are safer for the environment compared to many other heaters.


Warm Showers


When you buy a new water heater from Rubine you will always enjoy a good supply of hot water. Regardless of how long you want to be in your shower or bathtub, there will be no shortage of hot water ever.


Prevent Water Damages

If your current water heater is 8 or 10 years old, then you should install a new Rubine instant water heater or storage water heater. It will help you prevent water damages that your old heater can cause.


Reduced Energy Consumption

The significance of installing an energy efficient water heater from Rubine is that it will allow you to enjoy many benefits. You may have spent quite an amount while buying it, although it will save you a lot more on your energy bills. 

One reason to hire a professional storage water heater installer is that they understand things better. Our experts from Water Heater City Singapore can suggest the best Rubine heater, which will not only offer you the best showering experience, moreover save you a lot of money.


Saves Space


If you choose to have a Rubine instant water heater installation performed, then you are going to save more space. Such heaters are quite compact and you perhaps will not even need 3 feet of space to have them installed. So, if you live in a smaller house, then certainly this will prove to be an amazing choice.


Cost-Effectiveness and Safety

Another reason to install instant water heaters by Rubine is that it will let you save your energy bills. Due to the fact that some heaters use less energy to heat the water. Water is heated as and when you need it instead of being stored, thus the functionality and the energy expenses will be reduced.


Environmental Benefits

Many factors can affect a water heater’s energy consumption. Fortunately, Rubine heaters use less energy when heating water, As such, the overall energy consumption will be reduced every year. By doing so, you can save money, and cause a less energy impact on the environment as well. Moreover, this is a much wiser and more economical alternative to many other heaters. 


Installation Costs and Flow Rate

An important fact about instant water heater installation is that it can be costly. However, if you choose Water Heater City to do the installation then things will be different. We are not only known for offering the best and timely installation, we also charge reasonable prices for our exceptional services. 

Our experts will also teach you water heater safety and even suggest you the proper flow rate. Therefore, you can be sure you will face no problems at all while using your heater.


Durability and Longevity


If you either choose instant or storage water heater from Rubine, it will last you for a very long time, and this will help you save a lot of money. The parts of the Rubine instant heater can be easily replaced, and this makes them more durable. Therefore, if you are looking for a heater that will reduce the energy bills, and offers you long-term security then Rubine heaters make a wise choice.


Energy Savings

Compared to other water heaters, Rubine does not need to keep the temperature of a huge tank. This will save you on your energy bills a lot more than you can imagine.


Constant Hot Water Supply


You may have to take a cold shower a lot of times due to the sudden hot water loss. However, if you choose a reliable model like a Rubine storage water heater or instant water heater it will offer you an endless supply of hot water. Regardless of how many showers, laundry, and dishes you do in a day, there will be no scarcity of hot water.



Most people in Singapore choose to install a Rubine water heater owing to its many advantages. The main reason why this is a popular brand is due to having an endless hot water supply. Apart from its water heater features, Rubine is also known for having a compact and elegant design. If you are looking for the right water heater for your household, do not hesitate to consult Water Heater City SingaporeWith the right plumbing tools and proper knowledge, our water heater professionals can perfectly do your Rubine instant water heater installation or storage water heater installation. Additionally, if you are looking to buy a Rubine water heater for your home, Everyhome Singapore offers various Rubine water heater models in addition to other water heater brands.


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