Reasons Behind a Leaking Water Heater

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A water heater plays a vital role in every home in Singapore. From allowing us to enjoy a hot shower every day to helping us do our laundry and dishes.

Regardless of which brand of water heater you will choose, it will show problems if it is not maintained properly. One of the most common problems is a leaking water heater. Ignoring this issue can harm your walls, floors, and can prove to be very dangerous.

Therefore, it is important to have your leaking water heater replaced or repaired immediately. Before calling a plumber, you need to know why there is a water heater leak in the first place. Let us get to discover the different causes of a water heater leak.


Old Tank


Water heaters are created to last for a very long time. However, if it is more than 15 years old, the parts of your water heater can be faulty, and corrosion will be visible. 

Once the rusting gets terrible, water will start leaking from the tank. When this occurs, this sign clearly suggests that you must buy a new water heater. Neglecting to do so, the minor water heater issue will cause a full tank failure, and then there will be flooding in your house.


Drain Valve

Another common reason for a leaking water heater is a faulty water heater drain valve. During maintenance visits and for replacements your plumber or yourself could have used the drain valve to drain the tank.

By doing so, the valve starts detaching, and this can let water leak through it. You can tighten up the valve to stop the leakage, although if the leak is coming from the base of your valve, then the part is not water-tight. If this is the case, then you need to replace the valve of the storage or instant water heater.


Too Much Pressure


Another common reason for water heater leaks is excessive pressure building inside the tank. Just like in any plumbing fixture, your installed water heater has to deal with a lot of natural water pressure. Pressure is developed in water heaters when the hot water releases steam and fills up the empty area.

When the steam has nowhere else to go, it will cause too much pressure. The water will then leak through any cracks or holes in your heater just to let off a small amount of pressure. Setting a very high water temperature or if water moves into the system at high pressures, the pressure in your water heater will increase.


Faulty Temperature and Relief Valve

Water heater leaks are also due to the T&P (temperature and pressure) relief valve. This valve is known to let off the pressure that is inside the tank. If this valve stops working the pressure inside, your heater tank will increase. Occasionally, the valve is loosened, and to solve the issue you just simply need to re-tighten. However, if the valve itself is faulty then you have to get it replaced.

Lowering your water heater tank pressure is a must before you try to solve the problem. Remember that it will only leak when the heater is operating, and this is because the relief valve is made to function in a way that releases excess water from the tank while it is heating. Therefore, it is normal when the water comes out from the relief valve when the water heater is on. 

However, under the condition that when the installed water heater is not in a heating process after off for a long time and the relief valve is leaking continuously, then the relief valve is having an issue.


Inlet and Outlet Connections


You definitely know that cold water enters your heater through an inlet connection, and hot water comes out from an outlet connection. These connections allow hot water to pass through water fixtures.

Over time, these connections can get loose and cause a water heater leak. The chances of other problems with regards to the outlet and inlet connections are very rare.


Internal Tank


The tank of an installed water heater makes use of two shells to complete the entire process. The internal shell holds the water and the external shell provides covering to the internal shell. Both these shells are covered with a layer of metal.

Water heater leaks can happen in the internal shell, although they are not easy to detect. However, there are many cases wherein these leaks are due to deterioration and algae, and you will not be able to notice this outside of the tank. 

If you choose to have regular maintenance from Water Heater City Singapore, you can be sure we never disappoint our clients. Our plumbing experts can easily identify any problem, inform you about the issue, and even replace your water heater before it gets worse.


Sediment Collection


After a while, sediment accumulates at the bottom of the installed water heater’s tank. If you are regularly cleaning your tank, then this problem will not affect you. However, if you do not drain your tank regularly, then sediment will keep building. Eventually, cracks will form, and water will start leaking through these cracks.


Cracked Storage Tank

There are specific water heaters that come with an extra tank such that the amount of water that they hold can be expanded. Sometimes the glass is used to line such tanks, and after a while, minerals will accumulate on the glass and calcify. Once the glass is cracked, the water heater will start to leak.

Also, when water gets hot it starts expanding, and this is the reason why the glass has cracks. In either case, a water heater replacement will be needed.


Anode Rod

An anode rod plays a vital role. Corrosive substances are allured towards this anode rod, making your instant or storage water heater remain safe. However, due to corrosion, the anode rod becomes non-existent sooner or later. Afterward, the water will start leaking through the place where the anode rod earlier existed.



There may be times when your water heater you have installed may make you believe that there is a water heater leak, although nothing is wrong. Condensation will occur on a water heater, and that is perfectly normal.

Once the cold water moves into the tank it can cause condensation when the air outside is hot. This is not an issue since you can just wipe down your heater. 



No matter which brand of water heater you install, it will eventually have some problems if it is not maintained properly. A common water heater problem is having water leaks that are mainly due to loose piping, rust, corrosion, too much pressure, condensation, and other more reasons. Failing to address the water heater leaks, there is a risk that it will cause severe damage to your homes such as flooding and electrical shocks.

If your water heater is experiencing leaks, do not hesitate to give us a call at Water Heater City Singapore. We have an experienced team of plumbers who has the right tools and proper knowledge to fix your leaking water heater.


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