Reasons Why A Leaking Water Heater Will Lead To Higher Water Bills

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Water heaters are installed in almost every home in Singapore. After all, who does not like taking a nice hot water shower after a tiring day? It completely renews your showers and it will help you sleep better. 

If you have used your heater quite too much, and the water bills are high, then it is normal. Although, if the water bills are frequently high then there is something to worry about. A reason why you have high water bills is due to a water heater leak. You may be wondering about how a water heater leak can contribute to higher water bills? There can be many reasons behind this, and we will share them with you. 


Leaking Water Heater Tank


If you notice that your water tank is leaking, then it will result in more water usage and thus higher bills. Other signs of a water heater leak include pooling of water under your heater, too much dampness or condensation near the heater, or mildew or mold growth close to the water heater.

You also have to understand that it may not be easy to notice a water heater leak. The insulation present around your heater’s tank might cover the leaks. If you think there is a water heater leak, although you are not able to handle the leak, then you can hire our professionals from Water Heater City Singapore.

Each of our experts is well-trained and has years of experience, and we can identify the reason behind the water leaking from the water heater in no time. If they notice that your water heater has severe leaking, then it is time to opt for a water heater replacement


Leaking Fixtures and Fittings at the Tank

Fixtures and fitting that connect to your installed water heater can be damaged sooner or later, thus making it easier for leaks. Regularly checking the fittings as well as the connections to and from your water heater, and even the valves like the temperature-pressure regulating valve and the shut-off valve is very important. 

Even small leaks from valves and connections may increase your water bills to a large extent. You also need to understand that a faulty water heater connection means that the fittings are ruined. Never try to handle the problem by yourself as you do not wish to cause more problems. It is ideal to hire a professional straightaway.


Other Water Heater Issues That Can Increase Your Bill

Excessive Piping


Regardless if you have chosen an instant water heater or a water heater tank, you need to run the hot water for a few minutes before it begins getting hot. This may not be a big issue, although to get hot water it can waste nearly 2 gallons of water. This number can be so huge, depending on the number of persons in your family.

To reduce such loss you must ensure that the hot water pipes in your home are perfectly insulated. This will make the hot water remain hot when it travels to your showers and faucets.

Water Heater Is Malfunctioning


In case your water heater gets clogged with sediment or not enough insulation, then chances are, you are making use of more water and at a higher pressure than needed. It is not a good idea to prevent your water heater from leaking, similarly, you must not keep using an ineffective water heater installation. Rather, you should choose an instant water heater that will use less water and lower your bills.


Signs of Water Heater Leaks


Here are a few signs of water heater leaks:

Condensation on the Surface of the Tank

If your water heater tank is full of cold water, then it leads to condensation. Those who use gas water heaters may even see condensation arising from the vent. Do not bother if you see this sign as it is no leakage.

Corrosion in Tanks


If your instant or storage water heater begins to produce rust-colored water or your heater tank is leaking, then it is a sign of corrosion in your tank. You must hire a professional and get your tank replaced.

Leaking Valve

If you have spotted a dripping from the valve or water heater tank (TP) relief, it means that there is too much pressure buildup when the temperature rises way too high. In some cases, the TP relief valve may be damaged and need to be replaced.

Drain Valve Leakage

A water heater leak may also come from a faulty drain valve. If you notice that your drain valve is dripping, then you need to re-tighten the valve. Although, if the valve itself is damaged, you should hire a professional and get things solved safely.



If you notice a constant increase in your water bills, you might want to check your installed water heater or heater tank as it may be leaking. There are signs to know that your heater is leaking, such as excessive piping, malfunctioning heater, corrosion in tanks, leaking valve, and drain valve leakage. In order to prevent from paying an excessive amount of water bill, you should hire a professional like Water Heater City. Our experts can identify where the leak is coming from, and handle the leaking water heater issue in no time. 


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