Reasons Why A Storage Water Heater Keeps Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

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Compared to most other home appliances in Singapore homes, the power consumption of a storage water heater is placed higher depending on the size of the water heater. Usually, the storage water heater will have its own separate electrical circuit with circuit breaker which will cut off the electric supply, if the current exceeds the safety limit. 

If the homeowner wants to use the storage heater, they will have to switch the circuit breaker on again. In some cases, the circuit breaker will trip often, so the heating of the water will be adversely affected. 

Some of the reasons why the circuit breaker of the installed storage water heater is tripping repeatedly and how to fix the problem are discussed below.


Burnt Heating Element 

Depending on the size of the water heater, it will have one or more heating elements. If the installed water heater is used for a long time or the heating element is defective due to poor quality or other reasons, the heating element may get burnt or damaged. 

The resistance of the damaged heating element will decrease, increasing the power consumption and the circuit breaker will trip. To check if the heating element is damaged, you should use a multimeter for the resistance. The resistance depends on the rating of the heating element, and if there is a change, it indicates that it is indeed damaged.


Faulty Thermostat 

In regulating the temperature of the water in the storage water heater, there is at least one thermostat which is connected to the power supply. If the temperature is exceeding the preset temperature, the thermostat will cut off the power supply to the heating element. In this way, it does not heat the water further. 

In some cases, the thermostat is defective, due to which the water will continue heating, and the heating element may consume more power, making the circuit breaker trip. The thermostat should be checked using a multimeter.


Bad Breaker Or Wiring


If the circuit breaker trips repeatedly, instead of troubleshooting the cause of the problem, some users will switch it on every time and this can damage the circuit breaker. 

In other cases, the circuit breaker may be defective due to component damage, due to which it will trip even if the current is below the specified limit. The wiring used to connect the breaker to the water heater may get damaged due to heating, pests like mice, cockroaches eating the insulation resulting in a short circuit. In this case, the wiring and circuit breaker should be checked.


Water Leak


In some cases, the gasket of the installed water heater becomes loose or other components develop holes, resulting in the leakage of water. 

Water is a good conductor of electricity and because of that, it can cause a short circuit, tripping the circuit breaker. Hence, it is advisable to check there is water heater leakage.


Engage A Qualified Electrician To Solve Faulty Breaker or Wiring


In addition to causing further damage, a person who is not trained can cause injuries while troubleshooting, fixing the circuit breaker problem. Hence, it is advisable to hire a well-trained experienced water heater service provider to fix the breaker tripping quickly and safely.



Your storage water heater might be causing your circuit breaker to frequently trip and you ignore the signs. Some of the reasons are a burnt heating element, faulty thermostat, bad breaker or wiring, and water heater leak. In cases like these, you should not hesitate to call a professional like Water Heater City Singapore. We can handle all your circuit breaker trip caused by a faulty heater and more. 


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