Reasons Why Instant Water Heaters Are Popular In Singapore

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In the last decade, more families in Singapore are opting to install an instant water heater in their homes instead of a storage water heater. Though the initial cost of purchasing and installing an instant heater is higher, many families are considering the multiple benefits of the instant water heater and they are willing to invest more in this heater. The reasons for the popularity of the instant water heater in Singapore among families are listed below.


Have Lesser Down Time

Compared to storage water heaters, instant water heaters have fewer components. These components are less prone to being faulty water heaters. Hence, the instant water heater is more reliable and less likely to require any water heater repairs or replacement. Hot water is stored in the storage water heaters all the time, and the stored hot water is more likely to cause corrosion that can lead to water heater leakage. When this happens, repairs will be needed more often. In contrast, the water heater parts will not get corroded quickly since hot water flows through the instant water heater for only a few hours or less daily.


Easier To Maintain


The instant water heater has a few components, and these components are easily maintained. The heat exchanger is the main component of this unit, and it will have to be cleaned every few years depending on the quality of the water. In contrast, the storage water heater has many components like the tank, heating element, and gaskets which may fail. Additionally, doing the maintenance of the storage water heater installed on the ceiling is a complex task, since the water heater cannot be easily accessed, and only a trained technician can do the maintenance.


Less Prone To Problems


The storage water heater is always filled with hot water which will cause corrosion of the tank and other components which results in water heater leakage – one of the common water heater problems. Malfunctioning components like a thermostat can also increase pressure and temperature above the water heater safety limit. Since the hot water flows through an instant water heater only when heating is required, the metallic components are less likely to get corroded reducing the problems faced to a great extent.


Save More Money


The energy efficiency of an instant water heater is significantly higher than a storage water heater, which often loses energy due to standby heat loss. Though the best quality insulation is used, storage water heaters will lose some heat energy when hot water is stored for some time. The higher energy efficiency of water instant heaters reduces the electricity bills for homes where they are installed, saving the homeowner money in the long term.



Corrosion of the water tank or a problem with the connections is one of the reasons that cause water heaters to leak. This leaking water heater can damage the building, cause flooding, and water damage to furniture, appliances, and other items. Additionally, if the pressure/temperature relief valve or thermostat will malfunction, the pressure/temperature will be high – resulting in explosions. These problems are less likely to happen in instant water heaters.


Provide Cleaner Water

The hot water stored in storage water heaters can cause water heater issues like corrosion of the metallic and other parts of the heater. Hence, the water in the storage water heater is contaminated with rust, especially for older water heaters. Compared to the storage water heater, no water is stored in instant water heaters. Therefore, corrosion and dirty water will not be a problem.



Installing an instant water heater in Singapore is very common since it provides enough heated water for your baths or house chores. It has become a staple in every bathroom. Instant water heaters have become famous in Singapore because it is much easier to maintain, safe to use, and less prone to common water heater problems. If you are planning to install an instant water heater, do not hesitate to contact a water heater installation service provider like Water Heater City Singapore.


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