Reasons Why Singaporeans Love The Ariston SMC33 Instant Water Heater

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Every home requires a water heater, and it is important to consider the price along with the energy consumption before installing a water heater. While there are many brands of water heaters available in Singapore, people are increasingly interested in the Ariston instant water heater (e.g. Ariston SMC33 instant water heater) because of its lower energy consumption as compared to the storage water heater. What are some features of the Ariston SMC33 instant water heater that makes it popular?


Constant Temperature


Did you know that scalding due to too much hot water is one of the common water heater problems in Singapore? This is why the Ariston instant water heater is preferred by many as the temperature of the water will be kept constant – even if the temperature and flow rate of the inlet water conditions vary. Most people want to take a shower at a fixed temperature. If the temperature is very high, it can cause scalding or burns on the skin. If the temperature is low, the water will not be heated properly. 


Ariston CT Technology


To ensure that water temperature at the outlet is constant despite fluctuations in inlet flow rate and temperature, Ariston water heaters are equipped with its own constant temperature (CT) technology which includes the following: 

  • Flow sensors – to measure the inlet flow rate
  • Negative temperature coefficient sensors – to measure the temperature 
  • TRIAC – to control the heating of the water using a heating element

If the temperature exceeds the required temperature, the power to the heating element will be cut off so that it does not heat the water further.


Extra Safety

If the temperature of the heated water is very high, it can cause scalding of the skin which is painful. For additional safety, the Ariston SMC33 instant water heater has an anti-scalding feature which prevents the heater from starting if the inlet water temperature is exceeding the desired temperature of hot water. The heating will also stop after the desired temperature is reached.


Energy and Water Saving


The instant water heater will only produce hot water whenever required, so there is no heat loss from the stored water. Ariston water heaters are energy efficient – hence you will be saving a significant amount of energy of up to 16.4%. 


Total Safety System

The Ariston SMC33 water heater is designed and manufactured in line with the strictest safety regulations in the world. It includes a total safety system which consists of various safety tools working at the same time. Do hire a water heater professional if you are considering installing the instant water heater in your home.



If you are looking for an instant water heater for your home, consider the Ariston SMC33 instant water heater. Its features such as its total safety system, its ability to keep the water temperature constant, being energy and water efficient, and its CT technology – makes it one of the best-selling water heater brands in Singapore.  By using the Ariston SMC33 instant water heater, you can save money as there is less energy and water consumption and you can enjoy your warm showers safely. When you have decided on buying an instant water heater, consider engaging water heater services to help with the installation.


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