Reasons Why Your Joven Water Heater Is Not Heating

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Using an installed Joven water heater in a busy home set-up would mean that it would also be used at any given time since they offer hot water throughout the day. What you need to understand about your Joven storage water heater is that even though they provide you great comfort, they can still decline and malfunction if they are not well maintained. One of the first signs that you will notice is a significant drop in the performance of your Joven water heater.

Below are some reasons why your Joven water heater declined in its performance.


The Demand Might Be Too High


The Joven water heater you installed might be too small for your family if it does not provide much hot water. You have to ensure the demand does not go beyond the capacity of your water heater. If your installed water heater is insufficient, you may consider buying a Joven storage water heater model with a more extensive water holding capacity.

However, if your Joven storage water heater starts producing less water than usual, that might indicate something wrong with one of its heating elements. If your Joven water heater constantly supplies lukewarm water when you take a shower, then it means the upper heating element may be defective. If the hot water runs out fast during a shower, it suggests the lower heating element of your water heater is faulty.


There Might Be Sediment Build Up


The sediment build-up in the heat exchanger or on the bottom of your Joven water heater might be from the hard water supply in your plumbing system. The collected sediments inside may insulate the water available inside and may hinder reaching the right temperature of your instant or storage water heater.

You can prevent sediment build-up in your installed instant water heater unit if you undergo regular water heater maintenance from a water heater service professional. As a part of their maintenance routine, the professional will flush out your system to eliminate any sediment build-up. If this issue with your storage water heater is already bad, the professional may scrape it out manually, ensuring that your water heater will work again.


Water Might Be Too Cold


There is a dip tube in your installed Joven water heater and lets the water flow through the water pipes going to your water heater. The water will flow towards your Joven storage water heater tank as well as through the taps. This makes sure that there is no water heater leakage causing the cold water to mix with the hot water at the top of your tank. Also, it ensures the incoming cold water gets heated up quickly as it moves out toward the showerhead.

For instance, the dip tube of your instant storage water heater may have cracks and break due to excessive use. When this happens, cold water leakage may occur, which can mix up with the hot water resulting from frigid water coming out of the faucet. This might be a call to just replace your water heater instead.


There Might Be A Thermostat Problem

Installed Joven water heater may still have common water heater problems, and one of them might be an electrical problem for not making the water hot enough. You can avoid water heater issues like this by inspecting the thermostat first to see if it is correctly set. If not, it is better to hire a professional instead to do the inspection.


There Is A Reduction In The Water Pressure


It might be a hassle if the water pressure for your water heater is too low, making it hard to release hot water or no water at all. One of the reasons for this water heater issue might be the sediment build-up blocking the waterway as they corrode the interiors of your Joven water heater. That is why you should consider buying a water heater that is stainless to avoid corrosion.

Moreover, if the shut-off valve in your Joven water heater is not fully opened, it might indicate low pressure. That is why it is important to check it first before calling a professional to do the inspection. They can provide advice if you need to do water heater repair or replacement if necessary.


The Water Heater Had Been Worn Out

A Joven water heater’s performance will be affected if it is already past its average working capacity. They are susceptible to depreciation if they are used every day. If your water heater is old enough, it might be a reason why your water heater is not capable of heating the water to the desired level. In this case, it might be good to replace your Joven water heater with an updated model that will bring enjoyment and relaxation to your shower and will not affect your water heater safety.



You should look carefully for possible reasons why your Joven water heater is not heating the water enough the same as you look for features to have in your new water heater. There are a lot of reasons to consider when this happens – like there might be sediment build up inside that causes corrosion or when your water heater installed is working for a longer time than usual that can indicate as well why your water heater decreased in its performance thus not heating the water. It might be better to have it replaced or repaired by a water heater service professional.


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