Reasons Why Your Water Heater is Making a Hissing Noise and How Replacing it With Ariston Water Heater Can Help Resolve This

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Households in Singapore generally have storage and instant water heaters installed to provide a quiet but reliably continuous supply of hot water. However, you may find that some heaters produce hissing noises while being used.

Here are the reasons why your water heater is hissing and how replacing it with an Ariston water heater can help resolve it:


High Water Temperature


A thing you didn’t know about water heaters is the mechanism with which they ensure operational safety. This comes in the form of a pressure relief valve, which releases excess pressure if the water temperature reaches high levels. A hissing noise can emit in the process, indicating that the safety mechanism is working as intended. 

To stop the hissing from your water heater, you can simply lower its temperature. If this fails to resolve the issue, your water may be overheating due to a defective heating element. You’ll need to call a professional to change your water heater if this is the case as it is one of the signs of a faulty water heater

One of the best models to replace your old water heater is the Ariston Andris LUX 30 Storage Water Heater. This features a durable copper heating element that is corrosion-resistant. As such, you do not have to worry about hissing noises that stem from overheating. 


Faulty Pressure Relief Valve

As previously mentioned, the pressure relief valve works to release excess pressure so that water temperature is maintained at normal levels. While doing so, it usually produces a hissing noise. However, if this noise continues to be emitted for a long time or doesn’t stop, it’s likely that the valve is stuck due to corrosion. This is a common water heater problem

You can prevent a corroded pressure relief valve by installing an Ariston Pro RS J 25L Storage Water Heater. This heater contains a magnesium anode rod that works to prevent rapid corrosion. For this reason, you won’t have to struggle with a pressure relief valve rusting and producing hissing noises.



Storage water heaters may also emit hissing noises if condensed water rolls down their surface. Upon running out of hot water, cold water flows into the tank. This then cools parts of the tank’s surface causing condensed water to form. The condensation eventually rolls down the heater and reaches the bottom portion which is still hot. Once it rapidly evaporates in this area, a hissing sound is produced.

If you want to prevent hissing noises resulting from condensation, consider installing an Ariston water heater. One of the main reasons you should opt for an Ariston water heater is that it has high-density heat insulation which prevents the heater from heating and cooling rapidly. This means that there’s a lower chance of condensation occurring which can cause your water heater to make hissing noises.

 Water Heater Leaks


Hissing noises from a water heater can also happen because of water leaks. Although this might appear similar to condensation, it is usually much more visible and indicative of a severe issue. Keep in mind that when a water heater has been used for a long time, it can eventually deteriorate. This then leads to the inner lining of the tank rusting and causing different types of water heater leaks.

Considering the possible risks of a leaking water heater, as well as why a leaking water heater can result in high utility bills, it is best to have it replaced immediately.

When faced with a leaking water heater, replacing it with an Ariston Andris Slim SL30 Storage Water Heater is highly recommended. One of the advantages of this heater is its use of Titanshield Technology. It consists of titanium enamel that protects the inner lining of the tank and a magnesium anode rod that prevents rapid corrosion. With these features, a water heater leak is less likely to develop.



If a water heater emits hissing noises, it may have a defective heating element causing water temperature to be exceedingly high. It’s also possible that the pressure relief valve has started to rust. Otherwise, check if there is condensation or leaks caused by rusting inside the tank.

Among the best solutions for a hissing water heater is installing an Ariston water heater. This is because it contains special features like a copper heating element, magnesium anode rod, high density heat insulation, and Titanshield Technology. These all work to prevent the heater from producing unusual hissing noises. 

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