Reasons Why Your Water Heater Is Not Heating And Why Should You Replace With A 707 Water Heater?

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If your home requires hot water at any given time of the day, then installing a water heater is important. However, your water heater can be faulty if you do not maintain it properly or if it is used for a long time. Therefore, it is important to know the reasons why your water heater is not heating. If you are looking to replace it, consider buying a 707 water heater as they provide various benefits and are one of the preferred brands amongst families in Singapore.

Reasons Why Your Water Heater Is Not Heating

We will discuss to you the several reasons why your water is not heating and the benefits of installing a 707 water heater. 

Very High Demand

Your current water heater may have a small capacity, therefore, it cannot provide enough hot water. A thing to consider when buying a new water heater is to make sure that the demand does not exceed the capacity of your water heater. 

Although, if you notice that your water heater is suddenly not producing enough water, then there might be a problem with the heating element. If your storage water heater or instant water heater always provides lukewarm water, then the upper heating element might be faulty. However, if the hot water has been quickly used up, then there might be an issue with the lower heating element.

In case you want to prevent issues with regards to your water heater’s heating element, then you can consider installing a 707 water heater. The 707 Storage Water Heaters (e.g., 707 Kensington 35 Storage Water and 707 Kensington 25 Storage Water Heater) have various capacities to cater to different demands.


Very Cold Water


A thing you did not know about water heaters is that they have a dip tube. This is responsible for letting the water flow through the water pipes going to the water heater. The water will move toward your water heater and through the faucets as well. This ensures that no water heater leaks will occur since the cold and hot water will not mix on top of the tank. Additionally, the cold water is guaranteed to heat up fast as it goes out toward the showerhead. 

One of the reasons behind a leaking water heater is excessive usage. Your water heater may have cracks, or it can even break. If this happens, cold water may leak and combines with hot water. This leads to freezing water coming out of the tap. This is when you should replace your water heater with a 707 water heater. 

If you need consistent hot showers, then it is recommended to purchase a 707 Kensington 35 storage water heater. You will not have to worry about bathing in cold water since they have thermal insulation which reduces heat loss for great energy savings

Thermostat Issues


One of the reasons why your water heater is not hot enough is due to an electrical problem. To avoid this problem, check the thermostat to see if it is properly set. To ensure that you will get enough supply of hot water, then replace your water heater with a 707 water heater. Buying a 707 water heater is beneficial since it is made up of high quality materials that make it durable so that you can have access to hot water any time you need it. 


Water Pressure Is Reduced


There are instances wherein water pressure is insufficient – making it difficult to release hot water. Sometimes, there is no water coming out at all. This common water heater problem may be the sediment build-up that blocks the waterway as they rust the interiors of your water heater. Additionally, if the shut-off valve of your water heater is not open completely, it may be another reason why your water pressure is low. 

If you want to enjoy a good water pressure while showering, then opt for a 707 water heater. The reasons to buy a good quality 707 water heater are they are made up of high-quality tanks (e.g. copper class tank and blue enamel coated tank), and they have a durable heating element for each water heater. This is so that your 707 water heater will last you for a long time without having such issues. 


Worn Out Water Heater


A water heater’s performance will depend on the number of years. If your water heater is more than 15 years old, then it can be a reason why your water heater is not properly heating anymore. This is a clear sign you need a new water heater installed. In case you need a water heater that is built to have a longer lifespan, then consider installing a 707 water heater. Owing to its high-quality materials and advanced features, 707 water heaters are best for supplying hot water even for a long time. 



Your water heater may not be heating enough due to factors such as very high demand, very cold water, thermostat issues, reduced water pressure, and a worn-out water heater. You may also think that a water heater that is not heating is a common water heater issue, but if you leave this issue unsolved, then it can cause water heater failure. If you are looking for a water heater that’s reliable and safe, then opt for a 707 water heater. Each 707 water heaters have a reliable hot water supply, clean water, and they are even made to last long. Additionally, they are safe to use since they have a safety feature that prevents you from scalding.

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