Should I Install A Storage Or Instant Water Heater?

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Many families in Singapore purchase water heaters from brands like Ariston water heater, Rheem water heater, or Joven water heater because it provides the proper comfort. While most homes in Singapore have a storage water heater installed, some families wish to reduce their electric consumption and opt for a tankless or instant water heater. Hence, for the convenience of families and individuals who want to purchase a new heater or replace their existing heater, different aspects of buying and installing storage water heaters and instant water heaters are discussed below in detail.


Installation Cost


One of the main factors that should be considered while comparing other water heater models is the installation costs. Installing a storage water heater is more complex because of its size and additional piping installation – thus, the installation cost will be higher. In contrast, installing instant water heaters tends to be cheaper and easier as there is no additional piping needed. Hence, the plumbers will charge more for installing the storage water heater.


Purchase Price


The price of a storage water heater will vary depending on the capacity, features, brand, and other factors. Compared to an instant water heater, the storage water heater is far more affordable for the same amount of hot water required. The design of the storage water heater is simpler, with fewer components, as well as the cost will be less. In contrast, the instant water heater has a complex design that provides hot water quickly but costs more than the instant storage water heater.


Operating Costs


Most water heaters in Singapore use electricity as an energy source, and a few water heaters may use gas but this can risk your water heater safety. The main operating costs for a water heater are energy and maintenance costs after the heater warranty period is over. It is observed that if a large amount of hot water is used by the family daily, the instant water heater will be energy efficient compared to a storage water heater.


Energy Efficiency


The storage water heaters are heating the water till it reaches the preset temperature and store it until you use it. Depending on the design or the insulation used, there is some heat loss from the water storage tank, called standby loss which is an issue with storage water heaters. More energy is required for heating the water. This reduces the energy efficiency of the storage water heater. In contrast, for an instant water heater, only the water is heated when required, and the heat loss is reduced to a great extent. Hence, installing an instant water heater has higher energy efficiency.




Ideally, the best performing water heater should provide hot water whenever required. A storage water heater will usually have enough hot water for multiple bathing, dishwashing, and other cleaning activities. The instant or storage water heater may not be able to provide enough hot water for large families or if hot water is required for multiple applications simultaneously.



If the newly bought storage water heater is always on, the heating element and other parts are exposed to water at a higher temperature. This increases corrosion and mineral deposits on the storage water heater reducing its life to 10-15 years. In contrast, instant water heater heaters are switched on when hot water is required. Since the components are not heated or exposed to water for a more extended period, the instant water heater often lasts for more than twenty years given that it does not have a water heater issue. The lifespan of the installed water heater will also depend on the number of people in the home. If only one or two persons are in the house, the heater will last for a longer time than families of five or more members who use more hot water.


Water Usage

Another factor that should be considered while selecting an instant water heater or storage water heater is the water usage patterns. In some homes, one water heater is used for multiple applications like bathing and cleaning simultaneously. Storage water heaters have hot water stored and can usually supply the water required at the preset temperature. In contrast, the instant water heaters may not supply larger amounts of hot water simultaneously to different rooms or applications. The water temperature may differ in some cases as long as it does not overheat which is a common water heater problem.


Water Pressure


Water pressure significantly impacts your shower quality. As such, it’s essential to choose a water heater that aligns with your preferences. Instant water heaters employ built-in flow restrictors to regulate water flow into the heating chamber, ensuring only the necessary amount is heated promptly, resulting in lower water pressure. While this makes temperature adjustment easier, what you should know about storage water heaters is that it functions as high-pressure systems using gravity force for an enhanced shower experience, delivering hot water consistently at up to 10 liters per minute. However, you must manually mix hot and cold water to attain your desired temperature.

Consistent Hot Water Supply


When it comes to delivering a consistent hot water supply, storage heaters have an advantage. Given that they store a large amount of hot water, you’re guaranteed a consistent temperature until the tank is depleted. On the other hand, a reason why instant water heaters are popular is because they provide hot water on-demand. However, during heavy usage or in colder climates, there might be occasional fluctuations in the water temperature. This can lead to instances where the water might not be as hot as you’d like, especially if multiple outlets are being used at once.

Time To Heat Water

The main difference between these two water heaters lies in their water heating methods. Instant water heaters rapidly heat water without storing it, while storage water heaters warm a larger volume, taking more time. Additionally, adjusting the storage water heater dial to the maximum shortens heating time as well, yet it still takes longer (up to an hour) compared to instant heaters. 

Investing in the best storage water heaters with high-quality heating elements, tank materials, and insulation can greatly reduce heating time. Furthermore, a well-insulated tank retains heat, so reheating a warm tank also reduces overall heating time. As a result, these details collectively decrease water heating time for a better bathing experience.

Space Requirements

Understanding the differences between installing instant or storage water heaters is crucial. Instant water heaters are compact, requiring minimal space. Storage heaters, with their substantial water capacity, demand more significant installation areas. Some storage heaters can store up to 300 litres, necessitating additional mounting brackets to ensure stability.

One reason why people choose to install storage water heaters is because they function as centralized systems, supplying hot water to various usage points throughout the household. This centralized approach ensures a consistent supply of hot water, even during peak usage times. In contrast, instant water heaters are more suitable for single or limited applications, like a shower or basin. To provide hot water at multiple points, opting for a storage water heater is the better choice for your home.


When choosing between a storage or instant water heater, several key factors come into play. The installation cost for each type should be considered alongside the initial purchase price. Operating costs, energy efficiency, and performance are essential considerations as they impact long-term expenses and functionality. Additionally, assess the lifespan and water usage of each option, which can affect durability and utility bills. Water pressure, a consistent hot water supply, and the time required to heat water should align with your specific needs. Finally, account for space requirements to ensure the chosen heater fits your installation location. Weighing these factors will help you make an informed decision that best suits your requirements and budget.

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