Signs Of A Leaking Water Heater And Why Should You Replace With A Rheem Water Heater

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A water heater leak is one of the most inconvenient issues you can face. This is because it can cause significant damage to your home and is sometimes costly for water heater leaking services to resolve. You will also be deprived of the supply of hot water you’ll need for your bathing and cleaning needs. 

For you to be able to resolve your leaking water heater issues quickly, it is important to be familiar with the signs of a leaking water heater. If you are looking to replace your leaking water heater, consider installing a Rheem water heater as it has several benefits. 

Look out for the following factors as they are signs that you have a leaking water heater. 


Corroded Water Heater Tank

Some storage water heaters are built with steel. However, this can be a reason behind a water heater leak as the iron within the steel makes the heater prone to rusting more quickly. The sacrificial anode rod which is meant to prevent corrosion may eventually deteriorate as well thereby adding to more rust. As a result, the water heater can start to leak and even release rusty water. 

If you are looking for a water heater that does not rust easily, consider installing the Rheem Electric 40L EH-40M Storage Water Heater. This heater is built with vitreous enamel and RheemGlas lining which protects against corrosion, thereby ensuring that any leaks don’t occur. 


Sediment Accumulation

Although hard water is uncommon in Singapore, sediment accumulation may still occur inside the heater due to corroded parts. This eventually results in an insulating layer which makes it difficult to heat water. Overheating and rapid deterioration of the water heater can occur as a result which can then become a reason behind a water heater leak

One sign that there is a buildup of sediment inside your water heater is if it produces unusual sounds like popping and crackling. Either of these may signify that water underneath the sediment is bubbling because of being trapped.

In order to avoid sediment buildup which can lead to water heater leak, it is recommended that you install a Rheem Xwell XC-30 Water Heater. This makes use of a RheemHD+ anode rod that can better protect against corrosion. As such, you will not have to worry about a leak happening anytime soon.


Excess Pressure


Any balloon will explode if too much air is pumped into it. Likewise, storage water heaters can burst and leak if excess pressure accumulates inside of them which is a sign that you need a water heater replacement. A relief valve is normally supposed to protect against bursting since its function is to release excess water from the heater. However, it too can fail to prevent bursting if it becomes damaged. 

When deciding among the top 3 best selling water heater brands, for a new water heater you can consider buying a Rheem water heater. All Rheem water heaters are built with a temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve that protects the tank from excessive pressure and temperature by releasing water safely into the floor trap through the drain pipe. This valve also contains a built-in check valve which provides enhanced protection against bursting which can result in leaks. 



A water heater leak is an extremely frustrating issue to deal with. Fortunately, recognizing its signs can help you resolve it more quickly. These include corrosion in and around the tank, sediment accumulation, and excess pressure. If you think your own heater is leaking, you can opt to have a professional install a Rheem storage water heater or instant heater. 

One of the reasons why Rheem is a popular water heater brand is its models contain vitreous enamel coating and a RheemHD+ anode rod that better protect against corrosion. It also has a pressure relief valve with a built-in check valve to better prevent bursting. By installing one therefore, the likelihood of water heater leaks occurring is significantly reduced. 

If you have decided to have a Rheem water heater installed, engage a professional water heater service. They have a team of professional plumbers can see to it that your heater is properly installed so that leaks don’t recur in the near future. 


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