Signs That You Should Replace Your Rubine Storage Water Heater

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Rubine water heaters are the most chosen brand for most people in Singapore. If you already installed a storage water heater by Rubine, you are so used to it that you cannot imagine even spending one entire day without it. Rubine provides hot showers which allow you to enjoy comfort and refreshment. Additionally, washing dishes and doing the laundry becomes easier as well. 

Although, just like any other appliance, your Rubine water heater will completely malfunction one day. Before that happens, your Rubine storage water heater will give some signs that suggest it is time for you to have a water heater replacement. We shall share these signs with you right away.


You can expect your Rubine water heater to last you for around 10-12 years. Your water heater’s longevity will depend on the anode rod and annual water heater maintenance.

The anode rod protects the interior parts of your tank by creating electrolysis. Although, if you have already used the anode rod for quite a while, and you have not replaced it, then those corrosive particles may damage the linings of your tank. The water heater tank will then result in rusting. These are the signs of a faulty water heater.

A good reason to hire our storage water heater installers from Water Heater City Singapore is that we will provide annual water heater maintenance. Our professionals will flush and drain your tank to remove any accumulated sediment at the bottom. This will make the heating element of your tank breathe and become efficient again.

However, if you choose regular water heater maintenance, the anode rod will be replaced. This will increase the longevity and your water heater will be optimized once again. If it is already about 12 years, then you must consider replacing your water heater. 

Signs of Corrosion


As mentioned above, when the anode rod malfunctions, electrolysis will happen, and the corrosive particles will damage the interiors of your tank. Eventually, this will be noticeable on the exterior jacket of your Rubine water heater.

Additionally, if you detect a rusty hue in the water coming out of the faucet, and there are water heater leaks below the water heater. This means that your Rubine storage water heater is almost ending its lifespan, and replacing it is the only choice before the current one fails. It is also important to know the things to consider when buying a new water heater from Rubine.

Difference in Heating Capacity


Is your Rubine water heater not producing as much hot water as it was used to? If yes, then there is a heating capacity issue.

Your heater may also take longer to heat water up than usual after a while. This may be due to a faulty gas valve or burner assembly, and this can cost you quite a lot to repair. It is ideal to know when you should replace your Rubine water heater.

Water Heater Leaks


If there is water around the place where you have installed your water heater then this is a reason to worry. Once you detect this specific type of water heater leak, then it can be due to a rusted or cracked water heater tank. In either case, you must have a new water heater installed

Furthermore, if your water heater’s relief pipe is continuously dripping, then you need to pay attention. This can be due to a damaged pressure relied valve or your water heater is over-firing. 

Do not try to handle the situation on your own and instead hire a professional like Water Heater City Singapore. Our professionals will inspect and find out the reason behind the water heater leak, or pool of water near your Rubine water heater. If there are any chances of fixing the water heater problem, we can do it for you in no time. We will also suggest a replacement, and also recommend the best new heater for you. You can also have us do the new Rubine water heater installation

Higher Energy Bills


Your Rubine water heater’s energy efficiency will not be the same as before, after a while. You will notice your energy bills have increased. If your heater is already more than 10-12 years old, then it will be best to replace it with a new instant water heater or storage water heater

Running Out Of Hot Water Faster Than Used To


Over time, sediment starts building up in a water heater, which reduces the amount of water that is heated and stored. If you are not getting enough water for a proper shower, then this is a sign that suggests you must get a water heater replacement instead of a water heater repair, as you will have water heater failure anytime soon. 


If your Rubine storage water heater is 10 or 12 years old, it is time to buy a new storage water heater from Rubine. It is important to also take note of the causes of water heater failure such as age, signs of corrosion, the difference in heating capacity, water heater leaks, higher energy bills, and faster reduction of hot water. Once you detect one of these signs, immediately hire a professional from Water Heater City. We ensure that our experts will inspect and address the issue of your Rubine storage water heater. Additionally, we will also let you know the common water heater mistakes you should avoid.

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