Storage Water Heater vs Instant Water Heater

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Nowadays, Singaporean homeowners tend to install water heaters in their homes to have easy access to warm showers. Although, some may have the dilemma of deciding which is the perfect one for their homes. Would a storage water heater or an instant water heater be better? 

We will help you find out which is more suitable for your homes: 


Storage Water Heaters 


Like the name suggests, storage water heaters store hot water, insulate, and reheat them whenever necessary. However, this method takes up more energy and costs more because it automatically reheats the water inside the tank. If you want to save energy and money with storage water heaters, you should make a habit of turning it off whenever it is not in use. You can even switch to using instant water heaters to save money on power consumption.

However, storage water heaters need maintenance every 5 years to prevent it from leaking and from accumulating dirt and residue in the tank. In instances like this, you can always call a professional plumber that specialises in water heaters to do the job for you. 


Instant Water Heaters 


Instant water heaters now have new technology that makes it even more discreet and space-friendlier than storage water heaters. Remember to also maintain your instant water heaters every 3 years to 5 years for optimal performance.  

Instant water heaters, unlike storage water heaters, do not store and reheat water. After turning on the faucet, the water passes through the heat exchanger, and directly heats the water to the temperature you choose. It would also be beneficial to use an instant water heater because it does not consume as much energy as it only heats up the water when in use.

This type of water heater is also cheaper than storage water heaters. However, you should not opt for this option if there are more people using the heater in your homes. Some of the best-selling instant water heaters are Ariston SMC33 or 707 compact instant water heaters while the best-selling storage water heaters are Ariston Andris Lux and Joven Electric Storage Water Heaters.

Instant water heaters are designed to not take up more space, but just like storage water heaters, they should also be maintained every 3 to 5 years. 




After reading these facts about storage water heaters and instant water heaters, you should now be aware of their differences. You should choose to install the best water heater that is suitable for your homes and your lifestyles. Hence, when it comes to your water heater installation needs, you should contact Water Heater City Singapore. Our team of professionals will help you throughout the installation.  


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