The Possible Risks of A Leaking Water Heater

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Although a leaking water heater is one of the most common problems of water heaters, the leak persists for some time, before family members or the property owner will notice it. One of the important reasons why the property owner should check the leaking water heater is that there are several dangers involved. Some issues that are caused by a leaking water heater are described below to know the precautions, especially regular inspection of their installed water heaters.


Potential Explosion


Oftentimes a leaking water heater is due to too much pressure or temperature in the water heater. Although most water heaters have a temperature, pressure relief valve, in some cases, the water heater drips owing to the high setting. While there are also some cases wherein the relief valve of the water heater is faulty, thus the pressure buildup will continue, leading to a heater tank explosion. This is dangerous since it may cause injuries, in addition to damaging the bathroom.


Broken Heating Element

The heating element has a gasket around it and if this gasket is loose, damaged, or broken water may start leaking. This will affect the heater’s energy efficiency as well. To solve this problem, replacement of the instant or storage water heater’s gasket is needed.


Contaminated Water


If there is a leak in the installed water heater or pipes connecting it, the water will often get contaminated. The leak is due to corrosion, thus making the water to be rusty. In other cases, the bacteria will be in your water, which can cause health problems, especially if hot water is used for cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. You should not bathe with rusty water, as it will cause skin infections.


Property Damage


Another main problem caused by a leaking water heater is structural damage. Since the water heater is usually installed on the walls, the leaking water will be absorbed by the walls and spread throughout the property. This may result in corrosion in the beams, make the paint peel off, and damage furniture, appliances, furnishings, and documents kept in the vicinity. The humidity levels caused by water heater leaks can make the room smelly.



Mold will grow when the humidity levels are high. If there are water heater leaks, the walls and floor around the area become moist, resulting in mold formation. The molds in the air can worsen the respiratory problems of family members. In addition to that, there are some cases wherein family members are allergic to mold spores. The discoloration will also occur caused by molds, and repainting may be required.



Another main problem of a leaking water heater is electrocution. Water is a good conductor of electricity. The leaking water can cause an electric shock if it is in contact with electrical wiring or power source. Therefore, a person should not be near watery areas when there is a water leakage to prevent electrocution.



A leaking water heater could also put you at risk since it can harm your property or yourself. Such dangers could occur such as water heater explosions, broken heating elements, contaminated water, property damage, mold, and most especially electrocution. Once you detect a water heater leak, immediately engage with the services of a water heater expert like Water Heater City Singapore. This is a common water heater problem, therefore our plumbing experts would recommend having your water heater replaced.


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