Things to Consider Before Buying A Rheem Water Heater

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Most homeowners in Singapore are planning to install a Rheem water heater, although they do not know what to consider when choosing a suitable storage water heater for their household. In the market, there are a lot of Rheem water heater models that are available in Singapore, and what differentiates them from each model is the size, the design, or its price.

Below are some guides that you should consider when buying or installing a Rheem water heater.


Energy Efficiency 

Storage water heaters, in general, consume a high amount of electricity. However, the Rheem water heater has top models that are energy-efficient, due to the reason they comply with the energy efficiency that Singapore is pushing through.

Rheem storage water heaters are less energy-efficient for they store water longer than other water heater models. In comparison, you can save higher or at least 30% of energy consumption with an instant water heater, as they only generate heat whenever it is required.


Storage Type


When buying a water heater, you should also consider its storage type. Most Rheem storage water heaters have a water tank filled with water and heat it to the desired temperature. If you are using a Rheem storage water heater, you will have to turn the valves of your faucet, and hot water will flow out from the showerhead or the tap. This happens when the cold water enters the tank of the storage water heater installed and heats to water efficiently. 

On the latter, instant water heaters do not have storage tanks, but they are energy efficient. An instant water heater has coils responsible for heating the water to the desired temperature setting but does not do very well than the storage water heater.


Storage Capacity 

The storage water heaters are usually specified in terms of their capacity, the amount of hot water they store. Typically, the smallest size available has a total of three liters. In contrast, the larger storage water heaters used in large homes, commercial properties have twenty-five liters or more. A Rheem storage water heater’s capacity will be based on the amount of hot water they are producing per second, usually in liters per second or gallons per minute.


Space Required


It is essential to note during water heater installation about the space you have in your house or bathroom for the placement of the Rheem storage water heater installation due to the fact that it may involve electrical configuration and can hinder the total performance of the water heater as well as a cause power trip. For storage water heaters, the size varies depending on the heater’s capacity, and less space will be required for installing the low-capacity storage water heaters


Safety Features


As a consumer, you should consider your safety as well. Sometimes, your installed water heater releases steam, and the excess pressure can negatively affect your water heater unit. In the market, top brands like Rheem water heater have a safety valve that ensures no excess pressure in the water heater unit. 

Lastly, newer Rheem water heater models have a thermostat mechanism that cuts off the electric supply when the water is heated to the maximum temperature setting to avoid excess heating that could lead to water heater issues.



Deciding on what Rheem water heater model to install can be easy if you have enough knowledge about it. Keep in mind the things you should consider before buying a Rheem water heater, like the storage type you need, its capacity, the place where you will put it, as well as its safety features because of your hard-earned money is essential. At Water Heater City Singapore, we give the best advice to a consumer about the Rheem Water Heater that suits them. 


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